Best fashion AndreasChoice: DIY "PARTY" TOPS FROM OLD SHIRTS! (NO-SEW)

Nice fashion AndreasChoice ever, DIY "PARTY" TOPS FROM OLD SHIRTS! (NO-SEW). 2019-01-09 22:47:57

Hey friends 🙂 sorry about beginning audio! I hope you enjoyed these DIY makeovers as much as I loved making them! My IG: @Andreaschoice



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  1. I loved how u did those shirts.ill have to try a couple.u are pretty.what is your hair color?I love bored with this basic brown.its gotten blah

  2. I miss these videos. No YouTuber does these anymore. it's refreshing compared the the everyone who vlogs or does over the top MUV.

  3. Nice I love😊 all are my favorites I need help I have a semi large sweater and zi want to know what can I do to it? because it's kinda big and I want it to show my curves more

  4. Andrea ..I bet youve never heard this before. Its just occurred to me that ur personality reminds me of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman!

  5. I love all your video's.all the time your gone then you come back im sooo exited


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