Best fashion AndreasChoice: How to INSTANTLY Look Better WITHOUT MAKEUP!

Nice fashion AndreasChoice ever, How to INSTANTLY Look Better WITHOUT MAKEUP!. 2019-01-19 22:57:19

Hi cuties. Thumbs up if you want more vids like these 🙂 I wanted to focus on steps I take to IMMEDIATELY enhance my bare features without make-up. Also, I was definitely not born with the “clear skin” gene *cries* so if you want a video on how I keep my acne-prone skin clear(ish), let me know! ..ALSO again… I didn’t give a disclaimer about “loving yourself” in the beginning because I just don’t really associate wanting to enhance your features with “not loving yourself”. Kiss! xoxo


TWITTER! (I’m just a “lurker/liker” right now)


Face razors from amazon
Loving tan bronzing mousse – Ultra dark
NYX Studio perfect green primer
clinique ID moisturizer (oil control + redness/irritation correcting serum)
godefroy eyebrow tint – dark brown/medium brown

FTC: Not sponsored


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  1. I'm sorry I have to say this and it might not be pleasent for average SJWs but… whoah mixed-race people, especially black+caucasian or asian+caucasian or black+asian are the most beautiful looking persons I have ever seen. I have never seen a mixed-race person that had not a stunning look. I am amazed.

  2. Just put makeup it’s less work and less risk too. You don’t want be shaving like a guy every Friday and Monday.

  3. I look like a corpse with moisturiser cross with a mop with a receding hairline… <->


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