Best fashion AndreasChoice: My "No-Makeup" Makeup Routine!

Nice fashion AndreasChoice ever, My "No-Makeup" Makeup Routine!. 2019-01-24 02:27:49

Not to be confused with my “How to look better w/out makeup” vid lol! (Sorry about the color issues in the vid! I filmed on the wrong setting *tear*) This video is sponsored by Clinique! Check out Clinique ID here:





Nyx color correcting primer
FitMe foundation #220
demi wispie lashes
badge lash from benefit
L’Oréal Paris X Isabel Marant Lip and Cheek Tint
Limecrime “red head” brow liquid
Lipstick- is from a brand named “kala” that’s discontinued 🙁


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  1. sorry for the repost.. i tried fixing the color some more but blahhh.. hope you like anyway 🙂

  2. Me- literally trying to cover up the darkness around my eye

    You- trying to mimic it


  3. Beautiful! I love this tutorial:) I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup and honestly I’m lazy lol
    Thank you for this ☺️
    I do love watching your videos though. I love to appreciate others women’s beauty ^-^

  4. Foundation and concealer? 😔 I thought we went doing any make up. I guess I read it wrong. So ita a no makeup "look"

  5. “And I never will” felt that. I have a friend who has EVEN skin tone. I’m telling you that girl doesn’t need makeup ): unfortunately for me my skin is realllyy uneven and I look straight up malnourished.

  6. I enjoyed your video. very down to earth. I never comment on beauty blogger videos, so that says a lot! Thanks!

  7. I don’t like how she tries to cancel out the redness on her face with that green primer. It’s actually pretty noticeable and she looks a little dull and off-yellow.. She should embrace her redness and just put foundation on. That way she would have that natural blushing glow like a strawberry just kissed her. And she had red hair already so that’s just my thoughts. 🍓✨

  8. Omg I have those dark eye things lol that make my whole eye look black (I always have dark circles as well so that doesn't help lol) and I don't Rlly know anyone else that has it and my friends call Mr alien, zombie and other stuff Bc of it lmao

  9. Simple but cute make up/no makeup look. May try the Clinique moisturizers. Thanks for the video.

  10. i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it like i always try to find make up routine like this one , cuz i love natural make up

  11. Hit like as soon as I saw you add green in!! OLIVE SKIN Y'AAALL! It's a challenge sometimes, huh? 🙂

  12. Does anyone know where her translucent powder is from? Help a girl out lol

  13. For the lips, I recommend the rosy lips Vaseline, it gives me that pink tint AND moisturizes but in just one tiny container


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