Best fashion AndreasChoice: TESTING DYSON’S NEW AIRWRAP?!

Nice fashion AndreasChoice ever, TESTING DYSON’S NEW AIRWRAP?!. 2018-10-10 15:00:32

Thanks for watching! Let me know if you like “testing” videos 🙂 Thanks Dyson for sponsoring this and letting me be one of the first to try this new technology! I only tested out the barrels but there are multiple attachments that allow you to achieve so many different looks. To check out more details on the all NEW Dyson Airwrap styler click here: 




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The Dyson Airwrap Styler comes in three sets:
At $549, the Dyson Airwrap™ Complete styler is engineered for multiple hair types and styles. At $499, the Dyson Airwrap™ Volume + Shape styler is engineered to add volume and shape to fine, flat hair. At $499, the Dyson Airwrap™ Smooth + Control styler is engineered to smooth and control frizz prone hair


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  1. What did you all think about this new hair tool?? Let me know in the comments! Also, do you like "Testing" videos?? comment that too lol <3

  2. am i the only person that thought it meant tyson? like the brand that makes the dinosaur chicken nuggets?😂

  3. My friend is dying to know the brand of that shirt. She wants to buy one. And I adored your video, great job.

  4. I don’t mind spending money on my hair if it is worth it, and since I chemically process my hair way too much, this is the definite “fab” item for me, I have such damaged hair that I can no longer use a straightening iron until it grows back out, this product is definitely worth it to me, given my current limitations of using only a blow drying round brush…yeah, like I will definitely pick up one of these for my Merry Xmas to ME! By the way, you have gorgeous hair and skin…just glowing!

  5. Your review actually made me not want to get it with the number of times you alluded to “this is my real opinion…not because I got paid” plus your hair looks horrible lol

  6. Can you PLEASE do a makeup tutorial. Mainly you lip Cambodia’s. It looks so pretty. Can you do a video like different lip combo styles please.

  7. I just started my channel and I have only 5 subscribers as of now 😩 let’s please help each other I will sub back with a QUICKNESS 💖

  8. I think it is better for you to testing this products with a Lighted Makeup Mirror with Magnification.

  9. I want one! Your hair looks gorgeous, I loved the testing video I'd love if you could try comparing different products that are less expensive too! Although I loved this video it was fun watching you test that out 😄❤️

  10. Why didn’t you straighten it with the brush? it would have been awesome to see that in your curly hair

  11. Your hair looks fab! Can't wait to get mine- like I've said in another comment. If I want to treat myself to this for £400- I don't drink, do drugs, waste money. After working for the last 35 yrs I think like other people- it's my money!

  12. Love how much info you managed to pack into such a short video. All other videos on this seem to be 15-20 minutes if not longer, but you mangled to pack in just as much if not more info than any of those videos. It also shows that you're done your research before diving in, you can always tell when a reviewer is informed. Really impressed with your review style!

  13. For everyone complaining on price. Yall cheap asf. Its quality and alot of tech to save your hair from damage. Reread this again before you complain.

  14. they look like they hang themselves out suuuuperfast though. Also. 550 Dollars?! Gurrl no!
    I'll dry my hair, use a moderate priced heat protector for around 20 dollars and a straightener for another 50-100. literally the same result

  15. I like the novelty of it but… no. It’s a gimmick. Rollers/rods are a WAY better option. I bet that thing is probably sitting in your drawer somewhere untouched since this video 😂

  16. I don't think it's worth the hype… plus it's too expensive!! I don't think people are that dumb to spend almost 600$ on such a thing unless they've got so much money that they don't know what to spend it on smh.

  17. girl if u paid over $500 for that u need fuckin smacked u could have used that money to help someone in need

  18. I’m just saying, I caught all of that 😂. Yes make your coins. I’m not mad though

  19. The faces you make while "testing" had me cracking up! Great review!! When this technology is A LOT cheaper I'll give it a try!!

  20. I’ve used this good curling product, but if you're not a professional DIY hair curler user, you may beeasily scalded to the head or hands. I’m the not professional person. When i bought an IVI curler, I found that it can be solved. No heat damage. I honestly want to recommend the IVI.

  21. Have you already gave away the Dyson air wrap? because I want it sooooooooooooooooooo bad!!! BTW I love your videos


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