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Nice fashion Samantha Maria ever, CHATTY CUT-CREASE GRWM | Samantha Maria. 2018-09-23 09:00:08

Having a chat and an update while doing a purple cut-crease look
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  1. I personally prefer your styling videos and lookbooks as that's what drew me to you in the first place! They are my favourite to watch, but I adore all of your content! lots of love x

  2. I love hauls and beauty favourites! Id also love to see themed styling videos eg workwear styling, gym styling, winter styling, etc 💕

  3. I'm not too big on hauls (although I get why others like them), but I did enjoy your "did I waste my money" hauls. But I think what you were talking about with the balance between bringing in new and cherishing what you've got (I love using old favourites fashion and makeup vids).

  4. So pretty! For the record, I love your haul videos! It always motivates me to shop lol 😘

  5. Yes, don't stop making haul videos! I love them as do most of your subscribers, the ones that don't, they don't have to watch them. Your content is the best, it's honest and it's you and you're wonderful! Keep doing you girl ✨💗

  6. I think before there was a lot of stigma behind sticking to just makeup but honestly I like all kinds of life style videos. So I like vlogs, chatty get readys,fashion and style videos, even cleaning videos. For sure more relaxed and not structured as you mentioned it seems more real 😊

  7. I like your hauls because you do style the pieces with other things so they are kind of like styling videos; I know you're pumped for autumn so maybe you could do some autumn themed make up/styling/hauls? I love autumn as well!!

  8. Love these kind of videos, in general i'm really enjoying less edited and honest chatty videos and vlogs at the moment. First came to your channel as we have similar skin tones so I like seeing makeup looks that I could actually recreate or see how different makeup tones work with your skin tone (and then just fell in love with your lifestyle and fashion vids too)

  9. Haha I’ve watched like 5 different grwm and each one said they’re growing out their eyebrows wtf

  10. The type of content I enjoy really depends on the individual vlogger tbh. I really like hauls but I really got into your channel initially from your seasonal lookbooks and stuff 🙂

  11. Love your hauls it’s nice to see what you pick out from everything that’s in store. And the styling ones are my fave too

  12. I think I personally enjoy a variety. It gets a little boring for me when I watch the same thing the whole time, so a variety of forms is always cool so that it would depend on what I feel like watching. Plus, some YouTubers do certain formats better and I like going to different YouTubers for what they're good at. Hope that helped 🙋🏽 x

  13. lol it would have been such a failed look if she kept those first lashes on!! im not a fan of your haul vids, but i do watch all your vlogs they are great 😀

  14. This is probably the nicest look I’ve seen you do on you! And yeah I agree that styling videos will be better than more hauls 😘

  15. I adore your styling videos!! Would love to see you styling outfits with more big jackets or coats? It’s getting so cold where I live and I’m so excited to wear all my oversized sweaters 😀 also I really enjoy your GRWM’s 🙂

  16. I love you so much. I come to your channel to watch your hauls and I love your makeup videos so much! ❤️ You are beautiful!

  17. I love the lookbook types of videos you do. Especially, during the fall winter time throughout the years you have inspired me to dress better. By better I mean the effortless chic look you have.

  18. Hello from Chicago. Great video. Love your style. Your videos and the sincerity you exude through your videos have inspired me to create my own channel. I have such a loooong way to go but I’m enjoying the journey. Keep up the great content. ❤️

  19. favourite content is anything thats reviewing products favourites are the best, i really don't like chatty get ready wiht me's usually its the last videos il click on, but i ma more inclined to watch your chit chat gram than most other people

  20. I love your haul videos!!!!! Maybe instead of clothes you could do more beauty related hauls like make up, skin care, perfume? Even home and random item hauls would be lovely!

  21. honestly I love your voice, and love to hear you talk. It really depends when I am watching youtube. if i am cooking or applying makeup – I want to hear a chatty video….like a friend talking to me. but I like to watch try on videos to see how brands fit other people, and a testing video trying on similar styles from other brands. favorites and least favorite products, and organizing & home videos

  22. I like seeing what you buy as you buy it so I can try and find it myself if I like it. Quite enjoy when you buy something new and show it in a random vid!

  23. I enjoy coming to your channel for styling tips (whether that's new ins or staple pieces) and chatty GRWMs. But that being said I've always loved watching people whom I can connect with! I enjoy hearing your thoughts on any topics, like makeup, social media, fashion, famil life and even philosophy haha ~ I especially enjoyed your vlogs and day videos because your cinematography is excellent! Keep up the good work and I appreciate how you're looking for constructive criticism

  24. I've been really into lifestyle videos. Like how people are trying to better themselves as well as their routines — which might be more appropriate for your vlog channel but I've been very into it!

  25. Try concealer or an eyeshadow primer on your lids and set with powder to get more pigment from your shadows … you prob did do this thou ! Just a tip xxx but wow your so beautiful u look amazing even without any makeup !!!

  26. I like hauls but i feel that styling videos are more useful! Cause you go to your favourite stores, you buy the stuff but sometimes it is tricky how to pull them off! I also love the Outfits of the week videos, i would like to see that!


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