Best fashion Samantha Maria: MUM & TODDLER | What we ate + Did on the weekend!

Nice fashion Samantha Maria ever, MUM & TODDLER | What we ate + Did on the weekend!. 2019-05-15 17:00:03

I filmed what Indie and I ate in a day! (Which turned out to be what we ate over the weekend lol) Hope you enjoy!


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Comment (29)

  1. I haven’t seen any of your videos in quite a while and i just wanted to say that Indie is the cutest child ever! She’s so sweet and fun💕😊

  2. Look into EMF and how wifi and 5G destroys babies and childrens health. Really dangerous for you little girls mental and physical development. Please research. xxxx

  3. Wow I was just wondering what happened to you! You were my first and favorite YouTuber I watched when I was in middle school or when I was a freshman and now I am 21! Congrats on your baby girl!💖 You seem to be doing so much better!😊

  4. Indie is so beautiful like mom ♥️and she’s a great eater . She really enjoys her food 🥘

  5. Lmao the hayfever bit made me laugh. She's so precious and so are you 🙂

  6. For the bolognaise I would add bit of white wine, a stock cube, some celery, fresh rosemary and basil. More tomatoes like you said, and some sugar. Sugar makes such a difference in Italian tomato sauces you have no idea. And obviously salt and pepper 😊 x

  7. Indie is getting more beautiful by the minute. Like her mother. Loving "Sam from the future's" long hair btw 😀 x

  8. That baby is a doll! She's such a dainty clean eater as well. That's nice. My boys eat like actual animals lol! Love these videos

  9. This either sounds sad or I’m just showing my age, but where did you get that cup that you had your tea in??? It’s pretty ☺️😍

  10. Every time you change up your hair I'm like, "this is your best look"… Seriously, there is nothing you can't pull off!

  11. you know she can really cook when she adds onions on recipes that doesnt involve onions


  13. Loved this video, how cute is Indie. She really has her own personality now. So nice to see everyone doing well : ) xo


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