Best fashion Samantha Maria: My Unpopular Fashun Opinions

Nice fashion Samantha Maria ever, My Unpopular Fashun Opinions. 2018-09-26 17:00:10

What is your unpopular fashun opinion??
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Comment (33)

  1. my unpopular opinion is that all biker shorts need to NOT BE WORN AS FASHION. it’s like wearing spandex leggings and a cute top, cept ur missing the knee and calf part of the leggings… makes no sense to me! I also can’t stand the cheetah print coming back, it seems tacky and old lady/wanna-be hot mom to me. I used to not like the plaid pants now I love them, maybe these trends will grow on me eventually

  2. Cycling shorts work so well under a HUGE t-shirt if they're not too long. If you're into the whole big t-shirt as a dress thing then cycling shorts can give you some security lol
    My unpopular opinion: I never really got those running shoes that look like socks. I think they're horrid.

  3. Chanel Boy Bag! I do not understand why people love them. Just bulky. Chanel Classic Flap on the other hand 😍 Also agree the jacket off shoulders…looks like you need a balance act and not practical at all!

  4. Sam! Do a video where you try all of your unpopular opinion items on! Like you use you style expertise to make them work! Would be awesome

  5. Yes kitten heels are the “jerks” of heels. There is absolutely no reason to be an inch lifted at the heel 🤮🤮🤮

  6. Thanks for this fantastic opinion piece, my preference for some things are different but I really appreciate you thoughts. Food for thought.

  7. I totally agree about the scrunchies. They're actually super useful for keeping your hair up and not leaving lines in your hair but when I wear them out I literally just feel like an 80s mom! I also hate the cycling shorts trend so much! I think it looks so dumb especially when celebs/ instagrammers wear like a matching cycling short/ crop top set with dad sneakers ugh god make it stop

  8. Girl, I’ve been watching your videos since we were both loving acid wash mom jeans. 🙄 talk about unpopular.

    This is my favorite your hair has ever looked btw. Love you!

  9. I can't stand cycling shorts. They're ugly they're unflattering and ten years from now we'll be making fun of this trend HARD lolll

  10. I can’t stand those tracksuit pants with the buttons down the sides. I wore them in 2001 and nah. I can’t believe they are back

  11. omg kitten heels, yikes! actually I also really don't mind how a lot of things look on others, to each their own, but I find them ugly on me (slides, kitten heels, and yes that stomach bag! :-p)

  12. with the camel toe thing also theres too much pressure on us to not have hip dips when they're natural

  13. CORDUROY!! 😖 The only people who like wearing corduroy are those who weren't forced by their parents to wear their siblings hand-me-down when they were little. Everyone else (like me) has horrible flashbacks 😫

  14. I’m so with you on the hoops… I’ve tried… I don’t look good… it makes me sad 😂


  16. I LOVED THIS VIDEO SAM! Keep em coming. Yes pleassssssssssssssse do an instagram one.


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