Best fashion Samantha Maria: Paranormal experience?! Dealing with Mum Guilt & Quitting Fillers? | Q&A

Nice fashion Samantha Maria ever, Paranormal experience?! Dealing with Mum Guilt & Quitting Fillers? | Q&A. 2019-05-05 19:50:19

Doing my daily makeup while I answer some of your most pressing questions – Hope you enjoy getting ready with me!

Top – Mango
Pearl Ear cuff – Astrid & Miyu

Zelens SPF
YSL Touche Eclat all in one glow
Benefit precisely my brow
Glossier Boy brow
Fenty Pro Filtr concealer
Charlotte Tilbury Bette
Benefit Rollerliner
Tarte mandater mascara
Benefit Hoola caramel
Marc Jacobs Touch up stick
MILK Makeup Cheek & Lip stick in Werk
Bobbi Brown Highlighter
Bobbi Brown ‘Hush Hush’ (!!!!)

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Comment (37)

  1. Speaking of the ‘mum guilt’. I don’t have kids, but I grew up with very busy, often absent, hard working and split up parents. When I was younger, I felt quite gutted that they couldn’t spend as much time with me as I wanted, however, when I grew older, I realized that it’s not always a bad thing for a few reasons.

    1. Parents have to provide for themselves and their children, there’s just simply no other way around it. it’s just something to accept cause it’s life.
    2. Parents must maintain a life of their own (hobbies, friendships and other relationships, career, personal goals etc etc), otherwise they will get into an unhealthy unhappy relationship with themselves and eventually with their child as well. The more fullfilled you are as an individual, the better, not only for you, but for your child as well.
    3. Kids can take different extracurricular activities, classes and sports where they can learn, explore their individuality and socialize with other kids while their parents are busy.
    4. Capability to be independent. I feel that the more overprotective parents are, the harder it is to go into an adult life by yourself.

    Its obviously fantastic when parents try to be there for their kids as much as possible, however, there’s no need to beat yourself up too much. Kids don’t want perfect parents, they want parents that are happy and healthy.

  2. I love watching your channel and will continue to watch it. I think be yourself and do what feels right. 😊👍

  3. Your chatty videos will always be my favorite 🙈 That is such a you color by the way. The lip shade I mean. Loove it looks great on you 😍

  4. I'm so with you on the not doing clickbait YT videos for views. I tried it & it wasn't me being true to myself. Keep doing you. We'll still support & watch as we love your personality!xx

  5. I’ve been watching you since BeautyCrush. I am pretty sure we’re in the same age range. I’m turning 25 in December and I’m a mother of two compared to when I watched you during your BeautyCrush days and I was just living life like you. Lol. I still watch you because I can relate to you. I believe we were even pregnant at the same time or I got pregnant shortly after you. My daughter turned two in May. I’ll be watching you until you stop posting. Love from Charlotte, North Carolina! 🇺🇸💕

  6. I agree with what everyone's saying in terms of views I have a full-time job, have a toddler then we have the gym, night classes the list goes on… we're all just hardcore adulting like you, I imagine lol I'm binging on your vids at the moment you're still my favor youtuber.. lots of love from NYC.

  7. Girl I discovered your channel like 6 years ago when looking for ways to style Doc Martens lol! Do you remember that video? I’ve kept coming back ever since ‘cause you keep it real! x

  8. I've been watching you for YEARS. I remember stumbling on a beauty video of yours and yiu should how to conceal the slight darkness above your lip lol. I've always admired your videos for the realness. I dont care too much for hauls (unless its grocery hauls lol) and maybe skincare hauls! I'd love to see more hair videos and what exactly your stylist does. Besides that I'm a mom of a 2yr old as well, more mom videos, more what you eat in a days, more sit down and chat videos. I love the realness.

  9. I agree Sam! The whole point of youtubers was to show normality. That's why I have unfollowed all other YouTubers who are onto showing off their designer clothes and homes.

  10. I just enjoy watching your videos so much. You’re so relatable! Love you ❤️🌸

  11. I’ve been here since the beginning and I absolutely adore you 💘 do what your comfortable with, stay you love ❤️

  12. You’re awesome! I’ve been watching from the beginning and love the energy on your channel! You keep doing you girl 🙂

  13. I don't know why I laughed so hard when Sam was talking about guilt and said, "obviously if you've done something really bad it's fine" haha!!

  14. I remember watching your videos when you were much more grungy, like 6 years back and then I fell out of that style so I stopped watching ur videos. I came back about a year ago because I feel like my style has matured and developed into a more classy style and that’s exactly what you are. I feel like the person that you are now I relate to a ton more so there goes one reason and one view explanation ☺️😂

  15. You’re the first Youtuber I ever started watching literally in school I’m nearly 21 now and I had like a break from YouTube and stuff cos I was focusing on my uni but I’ve come back now and I’ve missed u so much don’t worry about ur views or anything maybe we just need our breaks to do life but we will come back and realise we’d forgot how much we love u x

  16. Just so you know.. one of the reasons I keep coming back to your channel and will ALWAYS watch you videos is bc I know they are genuine and you are not fishing for views! Never change that. Xx

  17. I've been watching your videos since I was 17. Now I'm 26 and we are both a mommy now. I always loved your channel and I still do 💕 Love from Germany

  18. You deserve more subscribers. Honestly you’re so down to earth and genuine. The best fashion videos around, I’ve stayed with you since the start! Love you x 💛

  19. Are less views not connected with the huge growth in youtubers rather than people's content?

  20. Hei Sam just a quick feedback , i have been watching you for 3 years now and I have to say lately I don’t watch all of your videos because I am a 30 yr old mum and so much of your content is for teenagers feels like. Hope you don’t take this the wrong way its just my personal opinion .x

  21. Love these sit down, chatty and relaxed videos Sammie 🙂 Literally my favourite things to watch from you… and of course the vlogs! xxx

  22. Please when is your meet up? I want to see you in person❤️❤️❤️ i was working in the hotel years ago, if guest died with heart attacked or while their sleep, the hotel will keep it a secret unless it is celebrities but they wont say about the room number, so everytime i am away alone and stayed at the hotel, i get paranoid that someone died on that bed, then i cannot sleep at all! Sorry but that is just me, i guess! (Ghost). 😜💓xxx

  23. To be honest, i only go on youtube to see 2-3 youtubers ive been watching for a long time now, one of them is you! You are one of the few people i havent gotten bored of the last 10 years! much love to you!

  24. The only youtuber who I've stuck with from day one, constantly watches their videos, always enjoyed their content and set up! You're gorgeous Sam. I've followed your journey for what seems like forever! I think you were 19 when i started watching your vids! You inspired me to get into Mac Makeup at the time, and recently you inspire me to upload videos every week! Indie and Jason are so cute, and I'm so glad you're happy! xx

  25. DRAG WAITROSE and their lack of sustainability ! Disgruntled employee here and I’m sick of it. The partnership is ‘committed’ to reducing and eliminating plastic packaging by 2020, but their efforts are not enough , and areas of the business are not equipped to recycle effectively in stores etc. Food waste is the biggest problem, and even the least sustainable partners are shocked and disappointed with how bad they are with preventing food waste. Also, the John Lewis partnership promote and advertise internal food donation schemes, but again, stores are not able to implement these without the support from the top. Waitrose NEEDS TO BE CALLED OUT! It’s okay to hold them to a higher standard
    p.s unless Waitrose is your local supermarket, it’s not always worth shopping there. Customers often say they prefer the service or products, but, because of the changes to grocery retail , Waitrose isn’t able to provide the service, quality or exclusivity they were once known for. John Lewis, on the other hand, is dabomb

  26. Agreed with what a lot of people are saying – I've been watching you for years and never get bored of your vids. I'm subscribed to so many people but I swear you're the only person where I watch every upload. Love chatty vids and vlogs and your styling vids!

  27. Just been reading comments…and I want to give you a positively to keep your spirits up. I am an older watcher…much older than most 62 in fact….you know you don't get scared to tell your age when your older….hmmmm can't think why. But I have loved your content always. Your trips away, your vacations….are refreshing for me as I can't travel…your fresh face and your clothes let me relive younger days…watching you and your handsome hubby parenting your little doll Indie. Are all such a pleasure. I say keep on what your doing….do what you love. ….and others will follow. Don't stress dear. I'm here until I draw my last breath, cause I love you and yours. Hugs and kisses

  28. Still here dear….love you and your little family. Your never boring. I think sometimes we all get too busy. But I always come to see what's up with you…also, your blog and instagram. Peek in on them all.

  29. Tbh I don't think it's about people expecting better of you coz you're an influencer, more like a lot of people are just fucking judgemental and love to feel like they have the right to tell you how you should look like and how to live your life. At the end of the day it's your life, live it the way you want to. I've been subscribed to you for years and I still enjoy your content and especially chatty videos like these!


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