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Nice fashion Samantha Maria ever, SKIN + MAKEUP FAVOURITES | Samantha Maria. 2019-05-26 09:00:01

An edit of items I’ve been enjoying recently for my skin and beauty routine.
My Bobbi Brown lip colour:
Kate Sommerville goat milk cleanser:
Ole Henriksen glow toner:
Glossier Super Bounce serum:
Face Halo Pro:
Keihls calendula moisturiser:
James Read tan:
Fenty Match Stix:
Benefit Hoola caramel:
L’Oreal superliner:
Hourglass Veil powder:
Replica whispers in the library perfume:

Top – Topshop
Earrings – Astrid & Miyu


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Comment (41)

  1. Hey Sam! Hot tip! You can buy pure hyaluronic acid with vitamin B and C on amazon or ebay for very cheap, without the branding and unecessary add-ins! I've had my bottle for over a year, use it every morning and night, and it only cost like $30 AUD. That being said, totally understand the lust for glossier though. xx

  2. Every time I watch video of yours I can't help but think wow I wish I was her friend. I feel like we have such similar personalities and your'e so happy and bright all the time, your videos make my day! Also face halos are BOMB for eco friendly makeup removing xx

  3. Saw your new natural hair do on Instagram – LOVE IT … giving me 'Eurythmics' vibes!

  4. 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐🐿💯💯💯💯 I thought I'd drop in and tell you how beautiful you are and your family

  5. I've been looking for a wedding day scent, and I was set on Portrait of A Lady by Fredric Malle, but then I saw Replica came out with that perfume and I DIED because I'm getting married in a library…. in winter! I have to buy it, it's perfect!

  6. You should watch Barry on HBO! It is a comedy but very dark comedy. There’s two seasons and I have binged it so fast.

  7. Haha Sam I definitely feel you on the only liking to watch thrillers and "fucked up" programmes, I'm exactly the same hahaha

  8. So happy for you to launch your lip colour. Ive been following your yt channel for a number of years now and its great to see you achieve so much. Love ur content. CONGRATS! <3

  9. I also struggle with enjoying romcoms and such. I never usually watch comedies. If you like crime shows, I suggest Killing Eve. It isn't your typical crime show and has some humor throughout it. You really connect with the characters, even the criminal. It follows the same criminal too so it isn't always changing.

  10. Have you watched 'Top of the lake' on Netflix? It's a great thriller set in New Zealand.

  11. Finally you got some face halos!! How good are theyyyyyy. The black shows less staining, that's all. And they will get rougher over time, I find they get rough within a couple of weeks but I don't even care, I still adore them, and I LOVE them for house cleaning 😂 they're tough buggers!

  12. I miss these videos. I love yours and Tasha lipstick. I would love a Replica perfume they look so good.

  13. Loved this video so much. So many hilarious, bang on moments! Cure for Wellness, Fake Tan for brown girls. Loving your frankness in this one. Had me nodding my head but also in stitches. Cx

  14. is everything an obsession?! 🤣 i wish more vloggers etc would refrain from excessively using the word "obsessed." ☺️😊

  15. Is your Bobbi Brown lip shade available for purchase in the US? I can’t find it online 🙁

  16. Watching you from Leeds in West Yorkshire after praying from closing my fast.. loving skincare videos. Needed some recommendations! 💜

  17. I really love make up tutorials! I've started doing something similar, so you can go to my channel and subscribe if you like it. 😉😊

  18. Have u tried Black Mirror on Netflix? A series….each episode is a different story and they are mostly creepy/ scary

  19. They don’t sell that fragrance in the US yet!! I’ve been checking everywhere 😭

  20. omg i just remembered discovering you by the rihanna tutorial years ago by watching you using Fenty match stix


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