Best fashion Samantha Maria: THE POWER OF BEING AN INTROVERT | Chatty GRWM #ad

Nice fashion Samantha Maria ever, THE POWER OF BEING AN INTROVERT | Chatty GRWM #ad. 2019-05-12 14:21:38

Why it can be a GOOD thing to be an Introvert! What do you think?

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  1. I love how the book the ‘Quiet’ mentions introverts are sometimes better leaders as well as that we need both types just as equally in the world/ business 💛

  2. A lot that you said, I can relate to. I've found a lot of people don't like me or dont trust me for being quiet. Buy I have learned to accept being an introvert. Its just my personality. Thanks for this video

  3. I just came across your channel,and I can’t stop watching all of your videos.I feel especially close to this topic because I’m reallly shy and introvert and you are really talking to my soul ,I feel deeply every word you are saying and you are giving me positive energy and confidence in a way,I’m not usually the kind of girl that writes comments on videos but this time I felt like I had to.I think it’s always nice to receive compliments and I think you deserve them you are a really beautiful person .💕

  4. even if someone can give an answer straight away it might not be the smartest way to do something

  5. I'm not shy, at all but I am definitely an introvert. I LOVE to be alone and I am kind of stand offish. Just leave me alone over here..Im checking everyone out but believe me. I'M NOT SHY 😂❤❤❤

  6. I'm a very introvert person and in a week I'm going from Italy to London for two weeks. For the first time in my life, none of my friends/family is with me. I've chosen to do this basically to improve my English and to visit London, but also to face this challenge. I will probably feel alone and sad sometimes, but I also know that I really want to do that for my English and to improve and become a better version of myself. Being introvert is an amazing thing (even when we struggle). 💪🏼💚

  7. This make up look is so pretty & natural looking! I'm introverted depending on who I am around, my extroverted side comes out when I'm comfortable with you x

  8. I was always known as the quiet shy girl at school growing up but once I’m comfortable with someone, I own up. If I find someone rude, condescending, patronising and offensive I won’t bother speaking to them at all!!!!

  9. Ahhh! Samantha!! I so agree with you, right when I was feeling bummed about how someone approached me in conversation about their home being a cohabitation place… I was like "huh…." then I thought, all is well, I'm just finding my way in my own way. I'm an intro/extro kind of girl and its okay… but they made it seem as though I was needing to be given advice on how to be an express and I am totally fine… it irked me something awful for a bit then I just let go… I was like I'm good and I'm me and I am happy… geesh! lol… then this morning (I live in Johns Creek, GA, eastern standard time) I saw your video, and it was PERFECT for me to continue to go confidently in my truth and be GOOD!! I think sometimes people have good intentions but they don't like that you have your own truth you walk and live in and they don't understand it so they misjudge a beautiful life and person. Love you for this vid! Hugs!!!

  10. I used to be really sad and depressed because I'm an intovert and have a hard time making new friends and being approachable in social settings, but your videos have made me feel a lot better knowing that I'm not the only one that deals with these issues, and that you can be a happy, successful, introverted person! Thank you😊

  11. In my case things are very weird. I grew up being extroverted but now I’m introverted.. I’m still confident and I still like to talk to people on topics that I like and I’m still saying my opinion very loud and clear but at the same time I don’t like spending lots of time around people because it’s exhausting. I like my time alone and most of the time I prefer it this way. Even when I was more outgoing, with my feelings I was always introverted.. I never liked talking about my personal deep problems.. tbh I don’t know if I’m introverted or extroverted… I can see myself in both cases 🤷🏽‍♀️

  12. I know what you mean girl like everyone thinks you're so insecure but in fact you just feel calm

  13. So relatable! You should do the Myers Briggs personality test. It will open your eyes and make you understand your strengths and weaknesses better as an introvert 🙂

  14. As an introvert, people tend to think I'm a snob or I'm proud.
    Sometimes, some people tend to think it seems like I'm easy to stepped upon because I'm calm. So those people are usually a problem.

  15. YEEES!! Everything you said in this video I 100% feel the same. Yes yes yes. Being made to feel ASHAMED for simply being SHY. All the fucking time. (sorry for swearing). It doesn't bother me as much now and as an adult I fortunately don't get people coming up to my face telling me I'm "too shy" (lol) but throughout my whole school life experience that was the case, with other students as well as teachers. It's a shame because I think that all it does is knock your confidence as they are focusing on a part of your identity/personality instead of actually your achievements and what you are good at, which should be the focus, not WHO you are, especially when you are a young person because you are going through so much stuff and everyone is developing at their own pace, we are all born different and I think that should just be accepted. We are who we are, we shouldn't be made to feel ashamed about that. It had such a huge impact on me and still does affect me just thinking back about it, that I felt as though what I achieved generally didn't matter, I worked SO hard as well that I got burn out because I would copy all my lessons out to learn everything as well as I could, over and over. It felt like no matter how well I did in my work, how kind or nice I was, none of that mattered because at the end of the day I was simply shy and that was it. And as you said, you do feel labelled and then even if you want to talk, you feel as though you can't get out of that 'box' that they have put you in, you feel as though you're not allowed to escape from that label, but it's like then you are always trying to not be who you are because you have been told it is wrong and 'bad' to be you, to be that way and who you are. I don't mind being a quiet person now, because I know I can also be very loud at times and I don't mind that not everyone will understand that or like who I am. I am okay with that, I just think that when you are a young person in school, the focus should be about helping the student to improve in their work and who they are without making them feel bad. It should be a supportive and encouraging time where you are still learning and growing instead of being grinded down into shreds because then when you do have to go out into the world, all you have simply been told so far is that you are not okay and that no matter what you do it will never be enough. I accept that I am an introvert, I feel happy about the way I am, I just think that yeah, when you are growing up you don't need and shouldn't be told that kind of thing. I think you can be an introvert and be confident and be an extrovert and be insecure and vise-versa. I hope that society in general will learn to accept that everyone is different and that it is never okay to make other people feel bad just because they are different. We don't need to be the same, we can be different. That is what makes us interesting. That is what makes us human and diverse. We all have different qualities and will excel in different things. I think it is very damaging to make someone feel ashamed about who they are, especially at such a young age. It's horrible and stays with you for a long time. I know that it isn't always easy for teachers but I wish that school could be a supportive and encouraging environment for people to be in and not a place where you are made to feel bad about yourself, focusing on what the student can achieve, and what they do well, so that they feel seen in life and that it is okay to have things that you are good at as well as things that you are not so good at and that's okay. You are not just summed up as a 'shy' and having the rest of your being ignored !! ^_^ Anyway, thank you for making this video and talking about your experience because it is definitely something that I have always struggled with and have had bad experiences with, so it's good to hear other people's experiences 🙂

  16. I love this, I've felt the same way my whole life and even in my career now! It's like.. speak up, be loud and have an opinion or you're not worthy? Also this make up is so so gorgeous on you! So fresh and a natural beauty xx

  17. i think this is why ive been able to stick with ur channel over the years & never get bored, i relate to you so so much.

  18. Literally hate it when I'm trying my best to have a conversation with someone and they constantly throw in the "oh you don't talk much do you". That just makes me even more introverted and not want to speak anymore. 🙁

  19. Thanks for this video, Samy, what you are saying really resonates with me… I've always felt confident, even if I was quiet. Then I started working as a tour guide, speaking in front of up to 40 people daily, learning to articulate myself and it made me very comfortable. That doesn't mean that I am not an introvert anymore. On my days off I prefer being alone or with my family/close friend and don't seek out people. I think you can teach yourself to be extroverted/introverted in certain situations. I definitely learned to appreciate the positives about being introverted – like not oversharing for example 😉

  20. I'm so glad you did this video! I can really relate to everything you spoke about to do with being introverted. Even at the end when you were saying that some people might find us boring at first but we are mental (this is so me, when you get to know me I'm bonkers aha)
    It's so nice to know that yourself and others are all in the same boat, makes me feel more at ease with everything:) Thank you for talking about this topic, means a lot xxx

  21. yaas! this is exactly why I relate to you and your videos so much..
    Like Erika Jane said it "I say important shit, you say too much boring shit" *Just joking obviously*..

    Anyway, there is a big difference between self-confidence and selfesteem.
    A lot of people with low selfesteem can be really self-confident and someone with high selfesteem can be really introverted and shy. Sometimes it is of course linked to eachother, but I think it is something everyone should look at and work with to feel relaxed with who you are and how to become your own person and feel comfortable in your own skin. Never apologize for how you feel. <3 Working with connecting feelings, thoughts and action/communication is really the key point in my journey on becoming my own person. 🙂

    Thanks for making this lovely video.

  22. Thankyou for talking about this! I hate being labelled as quiet I think it’s so rude and assumes that’s all there is to you


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