Best fitness blogilates: 3 Annoying Things People Do After the Gym

Nice fitness blogilates ever, 3 Annoying Things People Do After the Gym. 2018-11-30 17:59:34

People. They REALLY need to learn proper post gym etiquette! Here are 3 annoying things people do after the gym that make me feel weird.

Big thanks to Febreze for partnering with me on this video! If you want to avoid being person #2 “The Sweaty Stinker”, then #FebrezeYourGear before you head out to run errands in your sweaty gym clothes! You guys can learn more about Febreze Fabric Refresher here: I keep the to-go bottle in my gym bag and the full size bottle at home or in my car.

Here is where I get all of my music! Epidemic Sound:


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  1. Who needs to go to the gym when you can work out with Cassey every day from the comfort of your own home?! 😊

  2. I literally only do number 2, I gotta get home on a buss and don't really care to bring extra clothes to the gym to shower there, if I gotta go to the store on the way home… well I gotta go XD

  3. Haha. Anxiety can make it hard to want to speak up and express your gratitude to an instructor especially after a yoga class and everyone has meditated. Super uncomfortable but what you said totally makes sense. I will try my hardest to say something from now on.

  4. I disagree with the second one. There is a difference between SWEATING and SMELLING. Just because you are sweating doesn't mean you smell. Human sweat is actually odourless. It's when you let that sweat fester without cleaning that bacteria builds up and then you smell because the bacteria give off odour.

    It doesn't matter whether you are sweaty or dry, if you smell you are a tramp who doesn't wash properly/often enough. But just sweating shouldn't be a problem if you are a clean person.

    In fact a person who is covered in sweat but doesn't smell tells me that the person is probably competent at cleaning properly. I'd rather have that person walking around the super market than a non sweaty person who smells like a garbage truck.

  5. That last one cannot be solved, no matter what lol, always a dumb bell laying around

  6. My trainer he just highfive us and leaves as soon as he can, we stay a little bit there to talk and hang but he laves lol

  7. Sorry but.. sometimes the store is on the way home so I go to the store on my way back home. But that’s a good idea with the spray. I’ll have to try that. I do hate when someone takes all of the stuff. The max I do is two different weights doing supersets. But I do those 2 my 3 sets then i put them back

  8. I'm not fat at all but I'm still so out of shape that I don't dare to go to a gym 😂

  9. So I’m a server and the rudest people I meet are usually adults not students. It’s incredibly rare I meet a rude student. And if you are doing a super set you need multiple weights there is nothing wrong with using them if nobody else is using them.. 🙄🙄

  10. What I really hate is when people are sitting on a machine and are just on their phone for 10+ mins.
    I. Need. That. Machine. If you need to be on your phone just stand to the side. Glances are fine between sets but just using it for extended time really grinds my gears

  11. Lol…I’m at the gym watching now and someone left their chewed gum and used wipe on the stairclimber! Gross! 🤢

  12. I ❤️ that you are saying thank you 😊 to your instructor everyone should do this

  13. Or talk all the way through spinning… Those guys wind me up….
    Shower before the bloody gym as well, not just after.. I hate stinky people at the gym…
    When I worked at a gym, you’d get banned for leaving weights out.. You only get so many warnings, then you’re gone..

  14. ok i was expecting this to be another “go buy this thing because they gave me money” videos but honestly? this was a really fun video and i need that spray in my life rn.

  15. I hate girls who dress slutty. "Pants" that look like pantie (butt haning ou), crop tops and/or super tight clothes that show the whole world your buttcrack. And they usually only talk to men and workout 10min in 1 hour rather than… working out.

  16. ngl i will admit that i am habit of a weights order as i will get the 3 weights i use at the begging of my workout go the mat but i do put them back after, i have also gone to school after a gym session in my workout legging before but not my top tho

  17. some of my biggest gym peeves:
    – men who grunt but like SO LOUD and unnecessary
    – bench/leg press bros who use so much weight and never re-rack it
    – girls who dress REALLY inappropriately for a public space (shout-out to popflex for never being see-through!)
    – people who want to do super-sets during the busiest hours and claim like 3-4 things
    – people who come and stand between you and the mirror so they can use the mirror

    thankfully most people I see are chill and respectful!!

  18. other annoying and offensive things: taking up too much time on an equipment, no shared space, no personal space, taking selfies with you in the background, not cleaning and wiping up an equipment after use, and the person next to you trys to start a competition between the both of you (awkward moment, "I'll just hurry up and go."). I love this video! I completely agree with you that there has to be gym etiquette.

  19. This is why i dont go to the gym. Working out is such a personal thing for me, a time to be free and expressive and meditative so working out in public makes me really uncomfortable and plus..the gym is so dirty and people act like children at the gym. Leaving weights, towels, mats, WET SWEAT everywhere 😣😣😣😫😫😫

  20. Can you do more videos on healthy snacks… in a teen and I’m vegetarian and I struggle so much to not snack on unhealthy foods as they’re EVERYWHERE!!! 🙃😭😂

  21. Ive totally been guilty of not thanking my instructors, and never really thought about it before… but now I feel so bad!! Will definitely be thanking my instructors from now on

  22. My experience is that something is not right with your hygiene or health if your fresh sweat smells bad.


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