Best fitness blogilates: ABC Abs 2.0 Workout

Nice fitness blogilates ever, ABC Abs 2.0 Workout. 2018-10-08 19:13:51

Because Halloween is coming up, I decided to bring one of my scariest workouts back from the dead: ABC Abs!! This time, I’ll be going through the alphabet with different Halloween costumes, while we spell out all 26 letters with our legs and abs. It’s a total core killer!! Your abs will die.

I want you all to play along with me!! Do you know what you’re gonna be for Halloween? I’m super excited to dress up Sir George, so if you have any suggestions for him, me and Sam, let me know!

Here is where I get all of my music! Epidemic Sound:

My outfit & yoga mat are from:


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Comment (20)

  1. Comment a halloween costume for every letter of the alphabet!


  2. Lol I remember doing the first abc abs when I first met Cassey and I was doing the beginner calendar. I’ve come so far, I’ve gone a lot farther than I ever thought I would. 😊

  3. So, obviously I did not complete this challenge in October haha..But I enjoyed it today, on Valentine's Day (in Australia) anyway! 😁
    Here were my letters:
    A- Apple.. but I liked Alice in Wonderland much better, Cassey
    B- Bunny
    C- Cat…again, I feel like yours was better as Catwoman
    D- Dingo (that's an Aussie wild dog)
    E- you beat me to Elephant
    F- Flamingo
    G- Gorilla (well, truth is I wasn't even thinking at this stage, just fighting to finish my letter haha)
    H- House…I actually yelled out house! Lol..And I meant it. I would totally do the house thing (inspired by Karate Kid's bathroom lol)
    I- Indiana Jones (again post workout thought)
    J- Jonas bro (post workout)
    K- LOVED that you said Kangaroo!!
    L- Didn't have one as you were fast with the Llama, yay!
    M- Moon
    N- myself…my name is Nancy hahaha
    O- Oliver Twist
    P- Pluto
    Q- Q-tip hahaha.. now that's actually a costume I would like to try making
    R- Rabit! A Rabit, Cassey! A Rabit! Or a robot!! I yelled out all of those before you got yours…🙈
    S- Snake..many of them here in OZ
    T- Tijuana woman (post workout, come on! Lols)
    U- none
    V- Victoria, queen of England
    W- Wallabee (small kangaroo)
    X- X-ray machine- this would be fun to make as well!!
    Y- Yacht (? Not sure where I was going with this), a YooHoo box would have been much easier to make

    Hope you liked mine 😃
    My post-Halloween suggestion to you Cassey (perhaps for this year's costume) is to dress up the entire family in Alice in Wonderland characters..the furry baby can be dressed as the creepy cat from Aid, you can be Alice, and hubby can be the Johnny Depp character or any other. 😋😘

  4. I know Halloween is already over but next year y’all should be the Flintstones and he could be dino! Great video!

  5. I'm in no way connected to music and could only think of musical instruments in the end…tuba, ukelele, violin, xylophone and let Cassey do y and z. Do people go as things anymore or just characters?

  6. Just finished this and realized you should try abc abs in cursive!!! easier to connect letters & bonus nonstop abs

  7. I first tried the original ABC abs like 3 months ago, thought I'd test myself with this one and I got throuuugghh!!! Progress <3 🙂

  8. Next year, you and Sam can be Hanging Solo and Princess Leia and George can be an Ewok!

  9. Cassey was trying so hard to finis quickly that sometimes I was halfway through my letter and she was moving on, hahah!

  10. Just checked out your website and found you don't have clothes above a size 12? I love your videos but remember that plus size girls do your workouts too….


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