Best fitness blogilates: The one app every active girl needs

Nice fitness blogilates ever, The one app every active girl needs. 2018-08-03 16:26:43

My new app PIIT Pocket is FREE to download! ♡ iPhone: | ♡ Android:

PIIT Pocket is like having a personal trainer and a nutritionist with you at all times, motivating and inspiring you to work out and eat healthy!


I will demonstrate the move for you on screen while the timer counts down your exercises! You don’t need any equipment or a gym. Plus! You’ll also get to pick your favorite songs from Spotify to play as you sweat!


Ever wish you could easily make your own workout routines? Now you can! Just drag and drop moves from the exercise library and make your very own 28 minute dream PIIT routine.


Featuring over 300+ healthy recipes, you’ll have access to The 28 Day Reset meal plans, including vegan options! But if there’s something you don’t like, no worries, swap out a recipe and create your own meal plan.


You’ll have direct access to the entire Blogilates workout video library. Choose from categories such as Abs, Back, Butt, Cardio, Legs, Thighs, Obliques, Arms, and Total Body. You can do all the videos from the comfort of your own home.


Schedule all your workouts and your meals, and check off as you go. You can even set workout reminders! That means right before your workout, I will motivate you to get your shoes on and and get moving!

Subscription pricing & terms:

PIIT Pocket is free to download with complimentary access to a sample program of PIIT28 1.0, a sample program of The 28 Day Reset and total free access to the Blogilates workout video library.

For exclusive, updated content, plus full access to all the PIIT28 workout programs and 28 Day Reset meal plans, you’ll want to subscribe to the monthly membership. Not only is it so much cheaper than hiring a personal trainer, it’s way more affordable than a gym membership and you can do all of the workouts from home! Which means, you’re going to be saving a lot of time (and gas) not driving!

USD $99/year for 1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP (Save $20!)


Cassey Ho is an award-winning fitness instructor, entrepreneur and online personality. As the creator behind Blogilates, the #1 female fitness channel on YouTube, she’s transformed millions of lives through helping them achieve their strength and weight-loss goals. She focuses on making fitness fun and the results are evident. Cassey’s unique format, POP Pilates©, which launched as a workout video on YouTube in 2009, has become a live fitness class that can be taken at gyms all over the world with over 3,000 POP Pilates classes being taught monthly. Her authenticity continues to shine through, making her one of the most relatable fitness icons online and beyond. She’s also the author of the best-selling book, Hot Body Year Round and is the designer of her own activewear line, POPFLEX.

With a wide range of free workout videos available, Cassey’s channel focuses on ab exercises, butt & thigh exercises, arm exercises, pilates, cardio routines, fat burning workouts, high intensity interval training workouts (HIIT), stretching and flexibility routines and so much more!


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  1. Wanna win a full 1 year membership to PIIT POCKET!?!? Here’s how to enter!

    1️⃣ Download the app free at APPLE: or ANDROID:
    2️⃣ Leave a review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    That’s it! I’ll randomly pick 1 winner on Apple and 1 winner on Android exactly 1 week from today! GOOD LUCK!!!! I hope you love it!!!!

  2. Love the idea! But i downloaded it and can't even open it, all i see is a black screen😔 maybe that's because of android, who knows😖

  3. Omygosh this is AP is everything I needed, I tried a lot of aps and got discourage most of the time. I'm blown away. I'm a mom of 5 and you just upgraded my life girl. You AMAZING YOU THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING WE STRUGGLE WITH! I could cry right now. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  4. you're genius xb thank you for all this effort, I think you're doing the most needed thing in the world.. cannot wait to try it !!

  5. Hey Cassey! I haven’t gotten the subscription mainly because I can’t yet, as I’m not 18 and don’t have my parents permission but something I feel like would be cool is to be able to incorporate the ready made workout calendars into the app for people who don’t do PIIT! You can add the month workout calendar and the starter one, so the user can pick whichever one they want to do and they can see on the calendar section every video that they need to do for the day, and check it off digitally! I feel like it’s so much easier to have it on the app, and I think it’d be a good idea! Thank you SO MUCH for this app! I’m already getting so much more motivated to start working out again. Love you! 💜

  6. Yassss Cassie. OMG I'm so excited to try this app. I've been thinking about getting back on track with my workouts and I see this. It's like it's my birthday. Thank you so much for the hard work and dedication you put in for us. You are my hero.

  7. Girl you are such an inspiring person i can't wait to get the app I'm downloading it now yay

  8. I loveeee you so much but I hadn't watched ur videos in such awhile … but earlier when I first got into working out it was because I watched your amazing videos and i started out doing your exercises 😆😆definitely gonna check this app out 😊

  9. So excited i ran into this ! im starting to eat no junk food n i wanna finally start everything workouts and eating healthy that app has everything! Thank u sm !

  10. I just downloaded the app and honeslty it’s helped me so so much I love it!!! I’m so proud of you and I know I’m gonna stuck to real workout routine now!! 😅😅 thank you , everybody needs to download this app also love you guysssss ♥️

  11. It looks great, but can you make the music compatible with google music? I don't have access to spotify 🙁

  12. This looks awesome! When you select the meals, will the app automatically count the carbs and calories to keep tally for the day? If not, you should add that feature

  13. It would be really nice to win a full 1 year membership because I don't know when I will be able to buy it. App is amazing, I already start using it every day! Thank you Cassey!

  14. Is there an app for popsters? Cassey's video for long legs and how to beat laziness has me inspired to make a groupchat with other popsters to motivate each other, share tips, recipes and workouts! If this exists or you want to do this with me, please comment!

  15. Seriously? You have to pay!!!???😭😭😭🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 welp Deletes Piit Pocket

  16. The one thing I used in the Blogilates app isn’t there. The calendar. And even though I was charged, it didn’t show up in the old app either. Which, fair enough, it wasn’t money I was upset about or anything but just the thing to be charged for a feature that doesn’t exist anymore is kinda annoying. Not sure I’ll use the new app too much, I love the blogilates videos too much..: I would love to vary with some pit28 and this is a manageable price of course. But I don’t use the recipes often enough to make the increase worth paying for I think. We’ll see

  17. Like Cassey you blow my mind this app is my new fave app, like better than insta lol. Thank you so much! I hope to convince my mom to buy the full subscription!!

  18. Hi I'm new and i love watching your videos and this app is a true favorite. I ❤️ it. I'm giving it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  19. I am very excited to try this app! I loved the custom features!!! You look fabulous BTW!

  20. Cassey I found your blog and workouts 2 weeks ago and am hooked! I have been doing the beginner workout calendar twice a day and am so happy with the progress – thank you!A free subscription would be so wonderful!


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