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Nice fitness blogilates ever, What it Took to Plan My Dream Wedding. 2018-10-12 07:36:48

OMG!!! The wedding happened and it was TRULY the best day of my life EVERRRRR!!!! AHHH!!!! I am so happy to be married to the love of my life, my best friend and my partner in everything – Sam!

Because I am having major post wedding withdrawals, I needed to sit down with my sister to talk to you about ALL THINGS BRIDAL and ALL THINGS WEDDING! In this video, you’ll see me try on a bunch of different wedding dresses, hear all about how I chose my venue, the history behind why we chose the cake we did, and all the details that went into creating the “Enchanted Oasis”.

This is part 1 of a two part series! In the next video, we are doing the recap and how it all went down…DID ALL OF MY IDEAS PAN OUT!!???

Vendors mentioned in the video:

Wedding Dresses and Maid of Honor Dress: Galia Lahav,

Wedding Planner: Laurie Lund of The Events Department,

Location: The Solomon Estate in Rancho Mirage, CA

Florals: Lovesome Blossom,

Catering: Fusion Flair,

Matcha Bar: Midori Matcha,

Cake: Exquisite Desserts,

Tent and Lighting: BRIGHT Rentals,

Carousel: Christiansen Amusements,


Here is where I get all of my music! Epidemic Sound:


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  1. Love the energy of this video! Are you guys still working on Part 2 or was that the wedding video? Would love to hear more about your wedding!

  2. So happy for you guys, Cassey & Sam. As both an Israeli and a 6 years popster – it was the best surprise watching the video from the wedding with that Hebrew song. Mazal tov!

  3. If you want to plan another wedding I'd gladly give mine up to you 😀 I'm so stressed and haven't done anything yet (that's why I'm stressed out😂)

  4. Once again congratulations Cassey! You wedding stories has made me want to do my wedding over again! Hahaha! Your wedding was very colorful and bubbly…just like you smiles Happy Married Life to you and Sam.

  5. thanks for the video, you gave me some ideas on how to start planning my own wedding 🙂

  6. I'll be honest, this is way too extra for my taste and too much money spent for a wedding but I cannot help but find it sooo beautiful, mesmerizing and original! Congrats to both of you!!
    P.S.: I love your sister's face from 18:54 to 19:00. The cake looks and sounds yummy!

  7. 1. Everything is beautiful! 2. You two should become event producers 🙂 3. I suspect that you weren't stressed during the planning because you weren't limited on budget. One of the most stressful things about planning a wedding is how to afford it. The other most stressful thing is family drama, but I remember you mentioning that it happened to you. That part affects people of all income levels!

  8. I LOVE this! 😍 I just got married on July 28th and I remember how sad I was after it was all over too! Your wedding sounds amazing! My wedding theme was rustic/Scottish – we travelled back home to Scotland for it, our venue was a castle (we had similar venue woes to you – ended up going on a mini road trip to view 18 venues before we found the one!), we had a ceilidh, the men wore kilts – it was just awesome. I would love to do the day all over again (even with all the DIY I did)! 😍 also – thanks for your bridal boot camp workouts! They helped me out in the run up to the wedding ☺️ can’t wait to see part 2 for your wedding recap! X x

  9. Actually a low key wedding is what I always wanted. I never dreamt of the wedding dress, but abour the wedding cake! I am a pastry chef now so one day I'll make it myself!
    Just a few friends and family, the love of my life and just having a fun and crazy party. A home made buffet (gladly! our close friends and family are such great cooks! ), some piece of nature and voilà!
    I always prefered being focused on the honeymoon. Because a small roadtrip is whats suits best hahaha

  10. congratulations! sounds like a beautiful wedding 🙂 would love to hear about ways you found to save on wedding cost

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! WOW!!!!!! It looked amazing so happy you got to pour your dreams into the wedding! Yeesss

  12. I will always be grateful for helping me recover my shape and my self-esteem, but I really dislike the squeaky posh old lady Cassey is becoming. I miss the humble and calm dark-haired girl from the early videos. I am happy for you and all, but this cheesy wedding thing is just too much for me.

  13. Oh my gosh, i LOVE how your wedding decorations sound. I can't wait to see more pictures of everything decorated! My wedding theme was "secret garden" and I also incorporated SO MUCH MOSS! Ours was quite a bit cheaper though, haha. CONGRATS!!!!

  14. Congratulations on your extravagant wedding. However, very poor taste to call out businesses you chose not to utilize their services for whatever reason.

  15. You truly had a fairytale wedding! Looks beautiful! I had my dream wedding 15 years ago and honestly only picked out my dress and toasting glasses and let my husbands family and mine do the rest, I just was so excited to get married to the love of my life and planning stressed me out so I just let everyone else have fun with it 🙂 which is strange because in every other area of my life I am so OCD!

  16. This was the cutest video ever I'm so happy for you guys!!!! I've never thought about planning my wedding, but now I'm so inspired hahaha

  17. Thinking about your honeymoon to Bali, Thailand, Fiji, Maldives, or somewhere exotic? How about having your friend fund the honeymoon for you? Check this out

  18. The wedding has to cost over 100k. I've always thought I was super into wedding and over the top, but Cassey is over the moon. However money can always be made and she seems exuberant over the whole experience.

  19. Thank you for sharing this with us, girls! It was lovely to listen to this 😊💛

  20. I'm late on this because I want to be able to sit down and watch this video, giving my full attention. I've never gave a thought on me being able to get married, HOWEVER, as I grow up, I became fond of flowers and the botanic. So maybe a mystical floral theme?

  21. Love all the little details you put into your wedding! My husband and I got married in a castle surrounded by apple blossoms. It's been almost five years and I still feel nostalgic thinking of it. We've already agreed to return for one of our anniversaries, most likely around the 12,5 or 15 years mark. We won't be able with the anniversary coming up because I am expecting our second baby around that time 😁

  22. This is prob rude but dang I wanna know how much it cost! It sounds absolutely amazing I’m glad you had an enchanting time


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