Best fitness BodyRock: BodyRock Fry Fat Fast | Day 1

Nice fitness BodyRock ever, BodyRock Fry Fat Fast | Day 1. 2015-01-10 19:03:02

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  1. Lo que no me explico es por qué hace tanto tanto ejercicio y no se le engruesa las pierna y no crece pompa a mi m gusta pero creo que mm tiene que ver eso

  2. I did BR-Full Body Workout&shoulders Bonus (48min). Then, this BR-Fry Fat Fast Day 1 for 3 times. It's challenging but I did it!!! 🙌👍👏✌️💪🙌👍👏✌️💪💪✌️👏👍🙌👏✌️☺️

  3. Good grief! This was tough! I added in a few of the rest rounds a few weighted squat and presses with 30 lbs and 30 seconds of squat and press after 3rd round of workout. Killer!

  4. Сколько нужно кругов повтора сделать?
    Очень клевые упр-я и тяжелые,но мне нравятся)Спасибо.

  5. Ahh wow, definitely death by arms! I got through 2 sets and I was dying had to take a 1:30 rest break to get through the last 2 sets. You are my favorite on this channel! & I love how lean you are your workouts are intense but I like a challenge. Thank you!

  6. If she is so fit then how come she looks like plastic and probably gone through many knife sessions & botox sessions with the surgeon?

  7. Это идеал моего тела =) Упражнения просто ОГОНЬ! Идеально придуманные упражнения, нравится всё, то, что они короткие, то, что не стандартные, то, что вызывают огонь во всех мышцах. Результат чувствуется с первых же аккордов. Спасибо! =)

  8. I loved it…it also killed me!! my arms are burning and probably tomorow i will have a muscle fever!!! but this is a good workout!

  9. Can someone please tell me how to find the modificaton tutorial video for the workout. I would love to give it a try today

  10. Loved this series but I found the camera angles made me extremely dizzy so it was kind of hard to follow. Keep up the great work though!

  11. Is there a way you could do a series for complete beginners? A lot of your moves people, me included, can't physically do. Or at least show/tell how to simplify the moves to make them more doable. I love bodyrock and would like to be able to progress through the videos as I get stronger.


    It's also available on Pinterest page's –

    Mine –

    BodyRock's –

    The YouTube Page –

    Plus Members can download the Whole workout NOW !! & theres a Bonus Workout for you too. 


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