Best fitness Zuzka Light: 5 Healthy Late Night Snacks

Nice fitness Zuzka Light ever, 5 Healthy Late Night Snacks. 2016-02-15 18:47:53

Late night snacking seems to be one of the most common things that holds people back from reaching their fitness goals a lot faster. My best advice is to avoid late night snacks all together but it’s easier said than done, and I would lie if I said I never snack at night. So here are my 5 healthy late night snacks that are low in calories and sugar and extremely satisfying. If you don’t want to break a bad habit, at least be smart and stick to food that won’t sabotage all of your efforts to stay lean and healthy.
I have more delicious and healthy recipes on my website: and don’t forget to check out my ZGYM for awesome daily workouts.
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  1. This is exactly the problem I have. I just grab a handful of nuts and pumpkin seeds, it helps kerb the craving and it's quick and easy.

  2. The thing about your snacks that you demonstrate is the mindfulness of preparing them.
    In other words you "do something" to get a snack versus just going to the pantry and gorging on what is there.
    The basis of eating and snacking is MAKING the effort to do it right.
    Mindfulness. This is your secret to your success, physique, outlook and your followers admiration. BRAVO!!!

  3. My pickiest eater (14 year old daughter) just told me the hot chocolate is her new favorite! I doubled the recipe for her to enjoy with me and added one scoop (1/2 serving) of vanilla protein shake mix. Delicious!!

  4. @ZuzkaLight,

    I like your snacks but they seem more like day snacks as they require a lot of effort and they don't seem very long shelf life for prepping a week before… Do you have other late snacks that are either fast to make and not a lot of efforts (no baking), or package snacks, or those a person can prep and it has long shelf life for those weekly late snack wondering… Thanks!

  5. Dobry den ZUZKA, ako by ste nahradili v recepte `nutritional yeast` vo Svajciarsku nic take nenajdem 🙁 a velmi by som chcela pripravit tieto chisp. Dakujem krasne 🙂

  6. These are great! Not really a late night snack person but I can use these for other snack times 😊

  7. I do exersice and try to eat healthy. I eat a lot of bannanas like 3 or 4 when I don't eat flour is that ok? Or it is gonna make me gain weight/fat?

  8. this is freaking genius. Imma try them all. When I go to bed hungry I can never get a good night's rest.

  9. @zuzkalight
    YUM! Everything looks delicious and healthy- yet crave satisfying! I'm going to try these out. SERIOUSLY THANK YOU SO MUCH! MUAH♥!!!!

  10. Thank you this was very helpful! Also where did you get your couch I'm looking for a couch that my big dog can fit on!!

  11. Hi Zuzka Light, I just wanted to tell you that user Freelee Banana Girl in her videos trying to laugh at you and your food advices – I cannot stand that bitch. She is critisising every single video of you and talking about it in her videos – you should sue that pathetic human being. She is lost her plot! I like watching your videos and think that you are way more geniune in your videos than anyone like her.

  12. Yes after 10 hours at the office , I need something . Plus I can't go to bed on a empty stomach

  13. Nice food suggestions!

    Where can I see online a list of what you eat each day for a week? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. all of the above ! Yes! Yes! Yes! and Yes! Im really really proud of myself and then i sabotage myself by having a (1) yes one (potato) chip.
    No more no less but the evil "one" again (eins).
    Still- I sabotaged myself because i didn't want any at all…. Help me please
    or bad things will happen to me. (i might have 2Chips). But im not even going there right now. Because i got you and you will save me from my evil Chips Sabotage.
    Please help
    I do have other options but i don't want to use them.
    I like your Option(s)way better….

  15. I loved how unique these snacks were! Thanks for featuring the oft unnoticed artichoke as well 🙂

  16. Hi Zuzka! Question… What do you think about home made popcorn? Would you consider that a good option? Thank you ! Greetings from Mexico!

  17. I like to eat nutella out of a jar with a spoon too, while watching tv. The struggle is so real!

  18. The main reason why people get those uncontrollable sweet tooths at night is because they undercarb throughout the day. As simple as that. If you don't give your brain and body that glucose,which every single cell of your body runs on, at the end of the day you are gonna go crazy and binge big time. Those recipes look delicious Zuzka but they are not gonna help one bit with the sweet tooth issue. They don't fulfill the real human body needs, which is carbs that give it that glucose that it so desperately needs. Carbs are not unhealthy, that is b*lshit. Try a high carb life style Zuzka, at least for a week and see for yourself. Maybe than you could also share that experience with us and tell us how it went for you.

  19. Being an intermittent faster I don't snack at night as I stop eating at 8pm (I start eating at 4pm) but I did love the look of those blueberries and smoothie!


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