Best fitness Zuzka Light: Bunny Slope Workout #3 – Anyone can do this! Start moving :)

Nice fitness Zuzka Light ever, Bunny Slope Workout #3 – Anyone can do this! Start moving :). 2015-11-25 07:01:01

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  1. If you liked this workout, Try my FREE Bunny Slope Program at

  2. I have a question, are these videos each for a day or week? And with one round is OK or I may reach more rounds? 🙂

  3. Jsi češka? Are you Czech? You are best and You have got a best workout♥Love you 🙂

  4. Hi Zuzka, is there something else I can use if I dont own a balance ball? Thank you!

  5. All the bunny slope workouts are awesome and Zuzka looks simply amazing. Thank you so much. Which workouts(in terms of intensity) should one begin after completing these beginner workouts?

  6. I have a silly question, is this same like Hiit or someting similar?. I do ask because I want to start into that kind of training. Tks 🙂

  7. Great workout, I did this one but with 5 burpees between each exercise & 3 rounds. Feel da buuuurn 😀

  8. Zuzka…what an amazing physique.u r fantastic…i love ur workout…and this morning started one of them…the kettelbell swing..but i used dumbelles instead…is it ok?

  9. Great one! Could you update the Bunny Slope playlist with the other workouts please? So it's easier to go straight to them 😉 Thanks soooooo much * Love fom Portugal

  10. you look great! I wish I can get that shape once I get started with all your workout. here I go…. 🙂


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