Best fitness Zuzka Light: Bunny Slope Workout #9 – ABS, ARMS, LEGS

Nice fitness Zuzka Light ever, Bunny Slope Workout #9 – ABS, ARMS, LEGS. 2016-01-06 05:58:42

This series is for complete beginners. If you need me to kick your butt with intense workouts come to my website 🙂
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  1. If you liked this workout, Try my FREE Bunny Slope Program at

  2. Love your workouts.. it is progressing so you will find me more and more on your channel and soon on your website! 🙂

  3. I really like this routine, but the only downfall is no warm up or cool down. I went into this thinking the beginning was the warm up. It sucks to have to go search for a cool down video right at the moment you need it. And to know what stretches are best before and after, especially given you mention this workout is good for beginners. It was good, but beginner or not a person doing these workouts will sustain injuries without warming up and be sore without a cooldown. You should make it a point to educate your viewers on importance of warming prior to start if you aren't gonna include it as part of your routine. I will definetly do again, but prepare myself before and after.

  4. you have gotten more and more professional through the years. i used to work out to your videos every day but i must admit they were pretty racy at times. now they're so much better. i'm glad to see you succeed in this fitness journey. when i stopped working out with you 3 years ago i put on 18 lbs. yesterday was day one of getting back to it and see such good progress in the way you are doing things.

  5. I love your technique & you have the body to prove it works – very inspiring! Thank you for your videos 🙂

  6. These are so amazing to do! I use to do your workouts before I was pregnant, but now that I'm postpartum it has been extremely hard to workout. These have definitely started to whip me back into shape. Thank you so much for these bunny slope workouts!

  7. OMG Zuzka this is so far my favorite Bunny Slope Workout. I'm not a complete beginner so i used 2x 5kg dumbbells and it was absolutly AWESOME. Especially during the last exercise of each round i was working out like a machine, sweating like a pig haha xD Thank you so much for all those great workouts!

  8. Hey guys, the ones of you who's subscribed to zuzka's ZGYM, could you please explain me how it is? Like what can I do if I subscribe to her zgym?

    I don't think I'll be joining too soon cuz my appartment is really small and I don't have enough free space to do all the workouts I'd like to do, but maybe in a couple of years I'll have my own appartment and I could have a free room to do my workouts 🙂

    The one I'm in now is really small… I know I could do some exercises outside in the street but I'm shy and I don't want people stare at me while doing my workouts… for now I'm going to the gym and I also like to do sports during my academic semester, so it's not like I'm a sedentary person, but I really love zuzka's workouts and I'd like to do all of them hehe.

  9. I love this workout like even if i'm not a beginner in Fitness
    I follow you since your beginning
    Happy new year 🙂
    Sophie From France

  10. I love bunny slope series but i'm looking for only arm workout :))) biceps, triceps, chest, arms without legs. Please do it for begginers 🙂

  11. i wish you a happy New year zuzkalight!! i am following your zgym since the beginning and Love your workouts. i am Not able to do your intense workouts right now because i am 32 weeks pregnant but i loved this One and it was perfekt for me right now. cant wait to do the challenges Ones soon again

  12. Really what I need after the Christmas , thank you . 🏋🏼 Happy new year to you and your family xxx🍾


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