Best fitness Zuzka Light: FITNESS MOTIVATION – My Favorite Exercises Part II

Nice fitness Zuzka Light ever, FITNESS MOTIVATION -- My Favorite Exercises Part II. 2018-10-24 22:28:26

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Comment (47)

  1. WOW! Watching Zuzka having fun and showing her favorite exercises is absolute 'poetry-in-motion'. It is extremely inspirational to see what she can do with that beautiful, muscular body. The level of control and pleasure in what she is doing is very impressive. Bring us more motivational videos? Zuzka is the '8th-wonder-of-the-world'!

    I have a dedicated Zuzka-light folder on my U-Tube collection, & watching her workouts is better than watching a beautiful beach scene, mountain scene, etc. It make me look forward to going to gym & train.

  2. I LOVE this song. Is it on Itunes? (slowly making my way to my Itunes to hopefully buy this song)

  3. sou do brasil!parabéns, gostaria de fazer todos esses exercí é ótima.salvador ba brasil

  4. Wahnsinns Körper💪👍aber dieses Workout ist nix für mich😉bleibe bei Gabi Fastner 💓💓

  5. I can’t even appreciate your awesome figure because the execution of those exercises are pretty intense.

  6. Zuk h
    I would like to know what is the name of the song that is playing in the background on this video I really like it

  7. Am I the only one wondering if she has a kegel exercise routine she practices daily? It would be a shame if her vagina wasn’t as fit as the rest of her body is. Just say’n.

  8. У нее вроде раньше сиськи больше были.

  9. There are some great combo moves in this! Loved the ninja Jump one! And the decline push up leg thrus! Thanks Z.


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