Best fitness Zuzka Light: Fun Home Workout with Household Stuff

Nice fitness Zuzka Light ever, Fun Home Workout with Household Stuff. 2019-01-18 19:14:45

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  1. The girl is certainly well done, but there is a slight obsession with sports. It can be seen that she does a lot of work. This has its negative side. Constant high blood pressure. And this is the road to a sick heart. I think it's worth making an Echo KG. Most likely, a thickening of the heart wall will be detected. And she should do constant blood pressure measurements.

  2. I love these workouts at home but instead of wash clothes why not just wear socks? Same thing.

  3. I get the feeling the king want to hide you away in his castle up in the mountains;D

  4. Hi Zulu I am happy you back in business how come your skin look tan 24×7 all year around

  5. The rags are and excellent idea, we just did wood floors too lol I'm gonna try it. 🙂


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