Best fitness Zuzka Light: I creped my pants!!

Nice fitness Zuzka Light ever, I creped my pants!!. 2015-12-01 17:42:03

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Comment (21)

  1. Абсолютно ничего не понимаю но смотрю. Очень искренние эмоции на лицах,может у Вас правда лучше жить чем в Москве))

  2. so funny to see my hometown through your eyes !!!! love it. yes biking in Paris is a real challenge 😉 i'd rather take a walk. xoxo

  3. I really like the style of your vlogs – I´m from Europe and it´s so nice to see the neighbourhood through your eyes – with these lovely bubbles and stuff 🙂 Have a nice pre-christmas time!

  4. "our 1st kiss was in a gay bar" – wait…what?!?!
    Yikes! I would have 'creped my pants' too!!! Driving in the middle of the road, they already do that in LA!!! 😀
    Nice mall! Are you going to show us the secret stash of stuff you got?? 🙂
    As always, love, love, love your vlogs! And, as a vlogger, kudos to whoever's doing the editing! Great music, captions, everything!!! <3

  5. I can't believe Jesse left YOU hanging with the kiss!!!!! Hehehe. . This vlog was cute and funny!

  6. omg your solo funny. looks like a soioo much fun. omg your cheekbones look beautiful. what do you have on.

  7. This was such a fun video to watch, it made me laugh and put me in good spirits. I love the little side comments and I’m happy you guys enjoyed your time in Paris! xoxo


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