Best gamer GamingWithJen: Roblox: ESCAPE MCDONALDS OBBY!!!

Nice gamer GamingWithJen ever, Roblox: ESCAPE MCDONALDS OBBY!!!. 2018-05-15 20:30:00

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Outro Image: Made By Mowpsu


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Comment (41)

  1. I used a easy why of doing the knifes just walk along the side it dosen't go all the way so this girl followed me and find my way Lol P.S My fav face for that girl 😑😑😑 -__- -__- -__-

  2. You should make your setting allow other people to join you. It would be so fun if we could play with you!! Like if you agree.

  3. i love how jen says: hmmmmmmhph, when she dies. and pat why do you like to play with balls

  4. 3:22 actually theres a thing you have to do and not just guess it. I think you need to test it by the camera and if it goes through that meand its not safe. LOL JUST WATCH WHAT GUAVAJUICE IN HIS PAST ROBLOX VIDS. He does that and I srsly dont know how to explain properly

  5. The best way for you guys should have more of my day was good seeing a good one to go out with me on a Friday afternoon at all of one direction are so much for your support of his career and a few years back on Twitter but not a good one to the point of view and the other day I love it and it was the best of the year of high school students to be the same thing to say I have a great way of the year and I have a great way for a while ago when I was a little girl I loved burger with cheese and ham.

  6. Jen:look at my head pat:EWW Jen:What do you mean eww me:lol pat:I mean pretty 😅😅😅😅

  7. Pat and Jen please give me a shout out in one of your videos me and my sis are huge fans!!! My sister even drew this cute picture of cloud she said she sent the fan ARE to you but I don't think she did lol 😆

  8. Left right left middle THAT is the pattern on the fries 🍟 where you have to guess!!!

  9. am a huge fan!!!!! my sisters head got stuck in the ronald mc donalds bag `- -` lol lol


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