Best gamer GamingWithJen: Roblox: I HAD A BABY!!! ADOPT ME!

Nice gamer GamingWithJen ever, Roblox: I HAD A BABY!!! ADOPT ME!. 2018-05-17 20:30:01

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Comment (49)

  1. Hi Mr pat and Jan you are cool and good
    Luck with your friends and family Please join me in the morning so we will have more time with you and your wife and kids are going to be able given to you soon and please let me know when you come up with you and your family is ok in a few days ago I had to do this, but it was the first time in the car didn't have a good day to day. Thanks for help with your friends and family Please join with us tomorrow evening at the


    Edit:btw Jen I had the mansion many times not to brag

  3. Remember oh yeah I member member pat and Jen oh I member from YouTube I member they should use that in a South Park episode

  4. you guys should play flee the facility ! Or Baldi's Basics ! They're similar, Flee the Facility picks a person to be the beast, and you have to hack computers to escape, and if the beast catches you it freezes you. And Baldi's Basics has a bald teacher chasing you but if it kills you, you respawn , and you have to collect 7 notebooks in order to get the hell outta there. So yeah ! You guys should play Baldi's Basics on roblox 🙂

  5. Jen: I'll just leave the other 2 your the most important
    Pat: Thx mom

  6. Wow jen.
    Asking their child to buy something.
    Well unless your child is old enough to live alone.
    Jens head got stuck to the ground

  7. When the girl was hanging on her shirt it was sooooo funny I wa s laughing soooo much

  8. Congratulations on adopted a baby's LOL you make a great mom 👶🏻💗😄😊😍😜😋😎🤑👍🏾

  9. gen you made a great mother. to know how to make a family press the three people in the corner and you can give stuff you buy to your child.

  10. The title xDDDdDDDDD I have a baby so adopt me please xD
    cuz I'm a baby and an adult allowed me to own my kind, and I'm​ bored of being a mum/dad so can you take the job?

  11. Don’t Jen know that the kid was like omg I can’t wait to watch this if it’s on yt

  12. Jen would be a bad mom in real life but she is really fun but it’s not bad that she’s not gonna be bad at being a mom

  13. Jen: get back here
    Pat: get away from !get away
    Jen:come back here sir
    Jen: why are my children leaving me

    When your child leaves you in real life 😔


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