Best gamer Melonie Mac: All Chat is back, bronze life & fun streams – Mac Blabber

Nice gamer Melonie Mac ever, All Chat is back, bronze life & fun streams – Mac Blabber. 2015-02-22 04:00:00

My weekly happenings 🙂
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It’s been a fun week! Some great streams (and terrifying xD), All Chat relaunching, and just general fun times! I love filling you guys in on what is going on with me and I hope you enjoy the video!

Who am I and what is my channel about? I’m Melonie Mac and I love to make people smile! Sharing fun is what I do through vlogs, video games, anime, unboxings, and more!


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Comment (24)

  1. The fact that you are trying makes me actually like and respect you more as a gamer gl getting out of bronze then

  2. Beautiful and skilled, with a dash of nerd. A rarity, your like a unicorn. An awesome unicorn.

  3. last season i was placed bronze 1 and always thought bronze 1 is lower than bronze 5 then later i noticed that if i lose i will be placed in bronze 5 so i kept losing until i noticed bronze 5 is lower than bronze 1 xD 

  4. hey, love the show and love seeing all the different costumes for cosplay. hope you can show more on the next show!!

  5. hello melonie mac im a huge fan and i wanted to know what did u do when u first started to get a lot of viewers? please respond back im in dire help 

  6. I placed s1 (was gold 5 last season) went up to gold within the day almost straight away. I've got to 50lp gold 4 now but I've played like 60 (56% w-rate) games… Taking ages to go up now

  7. You are the freakin cutest haha, but straight up you rock and your super funny, and im new to your channel/stream but im already in love, keep goin strong your doin great👌

    Ps you should totally play through the mass effect series!! 😬

  8. I first saw you on all chat and now that it is back on that's awesome! Hope to hear from you soon!!<3


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