Best gamer Melonie Mac: Best anime of all time!!! Sugoi Central!

Nice gamer Melonie Mac ever, Best anime of all time!!! Sugoi Central!. 2015-04-08 17:00:00

My top 5 anime OF ALL THE TIMES!
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Full list:
5. Deadman Wonderland
4. Claymore
3. Mirai Nikki aka Future Diary
2. Attack on Titan/ Tokyo Ghoul
1. Death Note

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Comment (38)

  1. Death Note is the best Anime ever!!! I love that anime you should watch Erego Proxy to you would love that anime it`s no`t so many episode`s but it`s rely Awesome 😛 😀 :3

  2. Death note best anime ever… Then i'm going for Shokugeki no souma :p haha
    But I have a problem… I want to make a top 5, existing of 10 anime xd I just can't choose!! Steins;gate is so good too. And assassination classroom… But Death note is still the number 1, forever! and I watched it twice, i'm reading the manga. but i'm a hardcore Light Yagami fan..

  3. High school of the dead was great I wish another season of high school of the dead would be streamed on hulu because I binged watched it and it kept me entertained

  4. Love the attack on titan tank top she's wearing I wonder if they have a T-shirt like it. Love her taste in anime claymore , mirai Nikki and attack on titan were awesome shows

  5. oh kool, i just came here cuz i saw an angel from heaven click bait.. and sugoi related to my 1060 greatsword claymore danish warsword by sugoi steel.

  6. My Top 5 animes so far would be:
    5. Fairy Tail
    4. Angel Beats!
    3. Haikyuu!!
    2. RWBY
    1. Hunter x Hunter 2011
    Honourable Mentions: Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto and Gurren Lagann.

  7. Did you just watch these animes or read the manga too ? Because claymore gets way better and does not follow the anime ending at all

  8. With your Death Note thing I'm a complete opposite. IRL I would probably be on Light's side cause the world is pretty messed up, bu in the show I was all the way on L's side.

  9. No offense but all the anime you listed were either shit or entry level, I feel like you haven't given shows like full metal alchemist, ghost in the shell, cowboy bebop, neon Genesis Evangelion, welcome to the NHK a chance.

  10. People were upset that Light died, yet would have complained about how the main character always wins in anime. The show was complex and I didn't mind that Light lost, but I was disappointed in how the show ended

  11. my favorite anime would have to be fruits baskets I love comedy at the end it was kinda dark but its cool I still loved it

  12. 5. Clannad and Afterstory
    4. Lovely Complex
    3. Code Geass Season 1
    2. Death Note
    1. Your Lie In April

  13. god the claymore anime was absolutely horrible. Definitely read the manga instead, a much better ending and an amazing plot.

  14. All of which are great.
    Researched all to feel the dark vibe you must enjoy. I honestly dislike slice of life. Also, watch Parasyte & Another as well as Monster. So many good ones out there!!

  15. I was on Light's side until episode 25. After I cried for about 30 minutes I just thought to myself "Fuck you Light, fuck you.".

  16. Ok we all no death note is the best anime of all time I don't see one anime that comes close and people say FA brotherhood but that is not even close to the legacy of death note


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