Best gamer Melonie Mac: Boxer Vi Speed Drawing Photoshop – League of Legends Fan Art

Nice gamer Melonie Mac ever, Boxer Vi Speed Drawing Photoshop – League of Legends Fan Art. 2015-02-28 23:00:00

Fan art I drew of my dream Vi skin – Boxer Vi! High res:
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Here’s a digital drawing I did of Vi from League of Legends. I would LOVE a boxer skin and had fun creating it.

Tools: Wacom Cintiq 21UX and Adobe Photoshop CS5
Reference Photo:
Background music:
Total time: about 5 hours (I’m a little slow :p)

Who am I and what is my channel about? I’m Melonie Mac and I love to make people smile! Sharing fun is what I do through vlogs, video games, anime, unboxings, and more!


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Comment (35)

  1. I still want to 1v1 you Melonie 0.0
    I'm calling you out on it……you chicken, bruh? :3

  2. i have the urge to hate woman ..while watching this video…woman need to stay in there place this is not good

  3. Awesome! I'm pretty new to your channel but I really think you're amazing 😉
    Have got a account on Deviant Art or something like this?
    Have a nice day! Cheers from France!

  4. Nice drawing, you're pretty good it looks like she's ready for action maybe you can do more videos like this.

  5. i subbed.. doesn't matter what other people say about you being a ''fake'' gamer… i don't give a shit about them.. you are awesome and you are very talented 😀

  6. Hey MelonieMAC, been watching your videos for a long time and you are really entertaining. As an artist I love these speed drawing video's and I hope you can continue to bring more. If not weekly because I am sure it might be too much but it is really cool to see fellow artists show their techniques and it definitely helps those want inspiration when they draw too. So I hope to see more of these speed drawings or even some slow, how to's for people who want to really see how you process. Anyway. Love the videos. Keep em coming!

  7. I do GCSE art i Ireland thinking i was good because i got a A for my piece but this is awesome i wish i was as good as this, but i cant draw faces 🙁 

  8. That was awesome Mel 🙂 nice to see the artistic side come out! Sorry about the late comment, I just got off work!


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