Best gamer Melonie Mac: Catch up time! Manga haul, birthday fun, and 8bitdo

Nice gamer Melonie Mac ever, Catch up time! Manga haul, birthday fun, and 8bitdo. 2017-11-22 23:14:04

Had an awesome day and wanted to catch up with you all! 😀 Have a look at some of my manga finds and 8bitdo!


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  1. Better late than never, happy birthday, I've been watching you since the beginning, you look amazing, I have 32 we're close, keep playing 😀 you're amazing.

  2. looks like u had a awesome time, it only gets better, think of every birthday a party and you'll always have fun!

  3. I have that controller, I use it with a bluetooth dongle and a button remapper for pc gaming

  4. YOUR 31 WOW…….You look amazing Melonie. You clearly must be really looking after yourself :). Congratulations on your birthday.


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