Best gamer Melonie Mac: Cyber Loot!

Nice gamer Melonie Mac ever, Cyber Loot!. 2015-06-25 23:54:38

Promo: MAC
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Cyber Loot Crate so OP! I love all the Terminator stuff!

Who am I and what is my channel about? I’m Melonie Mac and I love to make people smile! Sharing fun is what I do, one video game at a time.


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Comment (43)

  1. Cyber was a great crate, only thing that was infuriating was the fact that the folded over the mousepad, I let mine sit under about 50 pounds of books and it still won't flatten. I'm having flashback to the movie twister when the guy kept saying "roll the maps" lol.

  2. Can i like just someday i could meet you?like get your autograph or something.srsly.i want to be a gamer but i have a long way to go.

  3. You know what macadocious, with all the creepers around, you might need a gun yourself someday.

  4. I love you and your Chanel. You are just so beautiful and amazing. Carry on what you are doing

  5. Can we go for these loot crates in the UK Mel? P.s I think you need to repaint your nails 😛 lol

  6. OMG this is so awesome loot crate! That tshirt is freaking amazing. Great video Mel 🙂


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