Best gamer Melonie Mac: Gaming for kitties and puppies!

Nice gamer Melonie Mac ever, Gaming for kitties and puppies!. 2015-06-13 03:00:03

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Playing Stella Pop for charity! Let’s save the puppies and kitties!

Who am I and what is my channel about? I’m Melonie Mac and I love to make people smile! Sharing fun is what I do, one video game at a time.


Affiliate links to save monies on stuff (and they help me out :p):
Astro Gaming:
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Comment (20)

  1. U have to check my dogs Mac!!!rite now!!!!And u gotta reply to this comment!!!!Coz if u don't….I will get Mad already MelMAc!!!I will get Mad!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sooooo who's acting like who? Are you trying to be SSSNIPERWOLF or is she trying to be you? You guys act so similar -.-

  3. I always get the goosebumps when I see people hold their cat close their face. I know a lady who almost got her eye scratched out by doing that. But I guess it depends on that cat.

  4. Thinks hey I want to do that with my cat
    Picks up cat, Looks her right in the eye
    Cat is giving you death stare
    Cat flips shit
    Goes to hospital due to multiple "stab" wounds

  5. I'm all about the cats too…   either that cat is huge or you are a really tiny girl…  🙂

  6. Your cat is thinking.."I want to kill you in your sleep,I am just waiting for my chance. You never bother with me anymore since you started in making these stupid videos.." 🙂

  7. I actually adopted an old cat that was abandoned by his owners. It was so sad…but now he gets well fed and taken care of! He also loves cuddles! I love him so much. Every animal deserves to be loved! thank you for doing this!


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