Best gamer Melonie Mac: LIFE IS STRANGE Episode 1 gets MAC’D!

Nice gamer Melonie Mac ever, LIFE IS STRANGE Episode 1 gets MAC’D!. 2015-02-14 20:00:00

Super fun times playing Life is Strange!
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Gameplay of Life is Strange Episode 1 during one of my streams. I had SO MUCH FUN playing! Thanks so much to everyone who tuned in! I can’t wait for Episode 2! Edit: So sorry for the audio issues!! I think that happened after I had to edit out a song with the YouTube editor. SO SORRY! I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again!

Who am I and what is my channel about? I’m Melonie Mac and I love to make people smile! Sharing fun is what I do through vlogs, video games, anime, unboxings, and more!


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Comment (45)

  1. Your makeing bad choices come on I know can do better than that she your friend and sister

  2. Absolutely LOVED this game, they got the hooks in me when ep1 was free for 360 and i ignored these vids until i got a chance to play and beat the game myself, which was just recently 😀

  3. how can anyone enjoy the playthrough with all the sidetracking and obnoxious loud sub and donation alerts going off….. such a shame.

  4. Does anyone know how to rewind? I've just got this game on mac, through the apple store and I've reached the first time you rewind but when I click the right side of the trackpad it doesn't work..

  5. Hi! Congrats on being in Dontnods' video promo for "Life is Strange Boxed Limited Edition – Out Now (ESRB)". Found you because of it. It is awesome that a game company is actually SUPPORTING Let's players.

  6. all those subscriptions and donations really take away your focus on the game and what's being said, and in turn your reaction. I hope your other videos arent like this.

  7. How in the hell are you going to play a game like this if you get distracted and tell stories the whole way through?

  8. hey melonie, thanks to you im totally obsessed with this game :/ haha i cant wait for episode 5

  9. 30 seconds later you mention you were home schooled, interesting. In Britain that rarely happens

  10. I am under the impression you didn't enjoy school very much? Haha "let's get out this boring class", made me chuckle.

  11. 42:49 Music annoying? I think its really good. When I played the game I just sat in the bed (ingame) and listened to it

  12. i like your videos melonie and you do also a good work by all chat teemo rocks 😛 🙂

  13. The lip syncing in the game is freaking AWFUL! I still love the game though, I just ignore it and look at their eyes instead.

  14. 1:42:20 You don't care about Kate? Fuck you! I LOVE Kate. In episode 2, she better jump. I'm sick and tired of people that care about Kate and always fail to save her but people that doesn't care about Kate always save her. Total bs game.

  15. The anonymous donation is such a fail. You can see who donated the $200 at the top left. AdamnK

  16. Melonie Mac as much as I like the alarm thing but its feel like that doesn't belong in this play through but mostly in a story game like this. Because its ruin the atmosphere in the game, you get distracted and lose so many clues or hints that may help solved the plot in the game and In the dialogue, there's some clues too that may be related to Rachel Amber disappearance and it's pretty annoying that the alarm thing keep interrupting when things is getting better or serious. I can accept that alarm thing when there are game of action and other games but games like this it's just doesn't works. I like your comment in your every videos but you had to learn to have a balance between you and the game. If you do that and I promise things will have results. But despite that I actually like your videos and give up with the good works.

  17. It be cool to see some shooters. Sometimes I play ffxiv with my sister. Diablo 3. Ooor some gta (;

  18. I know you were live streaming, but being this was my first time seeing the game I found it irritating when the music would come up and couldn't hear what was being said..

  19. At like 0:45 when the teachers waiting for an answer, he says "bueler bueler" that's awesome.

  20. Hey Mel, can I ask if you could move your webcam a bit more to the right? I like to read the subtitles and options. Just wondering. Thanks.

  21. I'm NOT trying to be rude, offensive, or mean to you.. But I can't hear the dialog AT ALL. (I'm saying at the part where that crazy music came in. AND the tornado.)

  22. Awsome now i know why. I made the same vid but mine had music and they  gave me a hard time


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