Best gamer Melonie Mac: Life is Strange Episode 3 FINAL! OMG CHLOE WUT?!

Nice gamer Melonie Mac ever, Life is Strange Episode 3 FINAL! OMG CHLOE WUT?!. 2015-06-25 06:03:23

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Last part of Life is Strange Episode 3 Chaos Theory. AMG WHAT HAPPENED TO CHLOE?!

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  1. Melonie sorry but you're so bad at figuring things out. You have no idea what's going on until it's too obvious. Took 4 minutes to focus on a photo? I'd like to see your mindfuck reactions to Twin-Peaks-like surrealism on the final episde.

  2. Nobody notices the ramp at the Price house at the end when Max goes to see if changing the past has changed Chloe.

  3. I can't be the only person who thinks the old homeless woman behind the diner looks like Max right? I also haven't played episode 4 yet so I might be just looking for too much of a crazy plot twist

  4. The cool thing about this game is that who Max goes with is up to the player, based on your choices as you play through the episodes, some things are locked in, like the kiss option and so on, but I believe you can choose who you go with, Chloe or Warren based on your choices about them.

  5. I played the end of the game today and I got really freaked out and confused! Please explain! Someone!

  6. Chloe learned to drive safe because her father died in a car accident, since he didn't, she never learned to drive safe.

  7. Oh nice:) I patiently waited for this video. I just now realized you uploaded this 3 weeks ago haha. Good things come for those who are patient.

  8. Dead ass…this ending has me questioning EVERY decision I've made in this game so far!! Even down to the photo ops!! Fuck this game is DOPE!!

  9. I'd like to thank you, Melonie! For making me discover that game! I just bought it yesterday, and started it! I'm not far (just saved Chloe from Nathan), but it's awesome!

    Obviously I got spoiled a little watching your videos, but I haven't watched everything you put out about Life is Strange ('cause there's a lot!), so hopefully there'll still be a few surprise! 😀 I mean, I don't really know what happens after saving Chloe (please don't tell me! :p ), so looking forward to that!

    Anyway, thanks for making me discover this game! Love your videos! 😀

  10. after all the twitch streams and youtube videos ive searched for with this ending, I found this one the best reaction.

  11. glad i stumble upon your channel by accident  cus  i like your videos and now im  gonna stalks you from now on 😛

  12. I say,need better GPU.. look how your game lag!!! but,for pornoindustry,door is open for you…

  13. Hi Melonie. Do you think you can move the camera with you in it all the way to the right? It's kinda blocking the subtitles. Not that I can't understand English, but some people might have problems with it.

    Thanks and keep making good videos :).

  14. Ahaha at 16:37 you said you would have a cried if you let the dog die…. A couple seconds later you can here a truck or car going past! Lol

  15. I knew something was up, when that picture of Chloe holding up the car key, popped up. Terrible teen driving will be the next issue the game tries to tackle, it seems lol

  16. Do you stream while recording? Don't you ever read spoilers on your steam with this kind of story-driven game?

  17. A+D+A+D+A+D+A+D+A+D………."this is takin' me forever" jajajajajaja LOL. Nice chapter, so much butterfly effect.


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