Best gamer Melonie Mac: Power Rangers IN MUH LOOT CRATE!

Nice gamer Melonie Mac ever, Power Rangers IN MUH LOOT CRATE!. 2015-05-29 04:01:32

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Oh SHNAP! I got a Power Rangers in my loot crate! 😀

Who am I and what is my channel about? I’m Melonie Mac and I love to make people smile! Sharing fun is what I do, one video game at a time.


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Comment (31)

  1. You kinda proved me right.
    This generation of folks can't really think anymore.
    You need to be told what everything is or you don't know.

    You pulled out the shoe laces and you asked if they were shoe laces and then looked on the product to see if it said shoe laces.

    Like, cmon, what else could they be?

  2. So this is the first unboxing of loot crate I have watched hasn't been done by Ashen's (another youtube) and god the difference, why is she obsessing over this such shit?! I mean maybe im just custom to a honest opinions but damn this is so nasty…

  3. You are freakin Amaze Ballz!!! Watched all chat all day everyday 50 Tyson and had no idea you had a YouTube channel! Can you say subbed? Lol pardon my craziness haven't slept aha

  4. Give you a bow and you're Lara Croft from TR '13. Also, reaction at 3.00? priceless! 😀

  5. LOVED the tee! EEE I freaked when I saw it.. people didn't get as excited.. but the white power ranger is so rare!

  6. alot of marvel goodies on that loot box, awesome! 😀
    are u a fan of marvel mel? 😛

  7. Sorry ino it's immature but couldn't resist when you said 11 inch and then that pause I lol'd a bit haha


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