Best gamer Melonie Mac: RIP Fable/ Lionhead Studios

Nice gamer Melonie Mac ever, RIP Fable/ Lionhead Studios. 2016-03-08 04:23:40

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RIP Fable/ Lionhead Studios. So sad about this. 🙁 I JUST WANT A NEW FABLE GAME!

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Comment (28)

  1. I've played fable2 multiple times but at the end I always tear up because lionhead is gone

  2. Sucks that Fable got shut down. That was just an awesome game. I played the first one. The first one was awesome and the second one was just too short of a game. The franchise was just awesome.

  3. Damn, almost started an internship there. Got a different one in the end though. Phew, dodged a bullet 😀

  4. Fable 3 and Journey pretty much ruined the Fable franchise. It's unfortunate because I liked Fable 1 & 2.

  5. I was super keen for some kind of new traditional Fable game this generation… damn, it sucks so bad.

  6. In my opinion, they shouldn't have wasted time on that Fable Legends game or whatever it was called, and instead, went back to the roots of what made Fable a great game. Now we'd probably never get a new Fable game, or we'd have to wait a long time until someone else picks it up -_-

  7. fable 1 was the best fable game they got progressively worse from there thanks in a large part to their game dev lead.

  8. Did anyone like the old clasic Fable the lost chapters? Couse i personaly was and still am in love with that game i still play it a lot and it is still among my favorites 😀 Sad news for lionhead studios and fable legends 🙁

  9. Fable 2 was the first "mature aged game" dad let me play, this is a sad day for me. I hope the series isn't really over. 😭😭😭😭

  10. I like your English but yeah I am upset about it that was one of those titles I was looking forward to on XBOX ONE.


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