Best gamer Melonie Mac: RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER – Hype Zone!

Nice gamer Melonie Mac ever, RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER – Hype Zone!. 2015-02-18 05:00:00

Rise of the Tomb Raider hype!!
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As you guys know, Rise of the Tomb Raider is my most anticipated game of 2015! Tomb Raider is my favorite video game series ever and I can talk about Lara Croft forever!!

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  1. its sad that every puzzle in rise of the Tomb Raider for me was so uncreative because you use the bow rope to solve every damn one!!!

  2. by attitude
    shes extremely attractive and beautiful 
    but is a lone wolf , adventurous type with sort of a playgirl attitude,
    perfect Alpha female

  3. i liked how they changed and made the reboot from scratch from making lara sensitive and vulnerable to becoming very strong mentally, physically and emotionally, 
    the new lara looks realistic and strong at the same time ! <3 that is epic,

  4. Outstanding analysis Melonie! I AM STOKED to get this for xbox one!!! I hope they fix/ evolve the multiplayer PvP as it didn't work right. A gears of war like multiplayer along with its usual well done single player can easily make this GOTY material!!! 😀

  5. 'O.O' You earned a Subscription. #1 You're a gamer #2. You're a chick #3 You're a Hot Chick…#4..idk something funny about how your hot!

  6. I'm a huuuuuuggggeee fan of Revelations as well! Best game I ever played! No sequal has ever top that and don't think they will! Also you look like Lara from TR 13 🙂

  7. If they keep yhe same story in Rise then they should have Sam,Reyes and Sam because those are the only ones who lived besides Lara

  8. I'm gonna be so sad when I have to wait longer to play it 🙁 sad playstation girl over here 

  9. I really enjoyed the reboot Tomb Raider and the actress who Lara Coft plays her Camilla Luddington was awesome. I am a PS4 owner and I was bummed that will be a timed exclusive to Xbox One, but I didn't rage out like most people which I can understand. I am going be patient and wait for the game to hopefully to be released on PS4 in the future. Keep up the good work, Melonie. BTW have  you considered being a guest on Kevin Pereira's Pointless podcast? I think it would be awesome. Recently send a twitter message to Kevin Pereira suggested you for to be guest on the podcast.

  10. Why do people keep complaining about the fact that Lara didn't relish adventure? It's an origin story. She's not the 'Tomb Raider' yet. She has to grow into that person throughout the series. I loved the reboot. It was like Far Cry 3 meets ACIII meets Arkham Asylum.

  11. The truth of the fame of tomb raider are lara croft's boobs if lara croft where normal size, the game wont as famous. im not trying to be feminist im trying to be realist. I really like the game but… eh.

  12. You checked up on the new gear? It's pretty interesting.  Lara has a military knife she can use apparently as well. Though I do wonder if the dual pistols will come back. Kinda liked using pair of uzis and stuff. 

  13. Unfortunately, Lara was pretty OOC in TR2013 as in she was factually smart but spatially kinda offtrack as in she made connections pretty poorly. Also Yamatai and TR Atlantis are pretty  well resembling each other. Only thing is I liked the occult of TR1 more than the Solari and Stormguard. They kinda felt lacking. As in Lara easily kills all of them as a "shoot em up." The amount of time Lara spent not trying to kill Pierre or Larson in Anniversary was pretty good. Yes, the Solari are ravenous but some were also like her, in a situation they can't handle. I think storywise TR2013 is kinda poor. But gameplay was good enough. The script can be much better. I heard in the original concept of TR2013 Lara actually had horseriding and more demons prowling the island which made me think of that Irish isle in Chronicles. She was also taking care of a girl shipwrecked on the island which was scrapped but that was interesting idea.I wished they kept some of them.  

  14. Actually in OG canon Lara already had a Tomb Raiding spark. In ages 16 she did go to Cambodia with Werner Von Croy and also then to the Irish Isles (both levels I love to death) and met the ghost horseman. Lara has always been a person with a voracious appetite for wits, introspecting Legends and adventure. The new canon kinda makes Lara a survivalist who is forced into adventure more and has that tragic backstory or some past history that is kinda well complicated. I kind of wished those were excluded. Some people love adventure for various reasons so highlighting daddy conflict or mommy gone missing kinda isn't always cool. I am happy in the beginning of TR2013 Lara does say that she going to set her mark but then they they kept on reiterating her father which at point became annoying. Lara obviously can have conflicts with her dad but also inherit his penchant for archaeological travel but it becomes a bit problematic to make her at odds with him all the time. 

  15. The chest game was fantastic. I mean you play with this supernatural creature which was fun. Not to mention TR1 had so many cool puzzles too. Core design actually made a bit more puzzle oriented TRs than Crystal Dynamics. I think I really liked that Lara traversed the world a lot in the TR games I don't like that the recent TRs  are focusing on one part of the world. Not that it's bad; it's cool detailing but in Underworld the environments of Thailand were exquisite so having some of that also in these future games is good. 


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