Best gamer Melonie Mac: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Corona Resource Packs in Oberto Beef Jerky Bags!

Nice gamer Melonie Mac ever, Shadow of the Tomb Raider Corona Resource Packs in Oberto Beef Jerky Bags!. 2018-09-12 18:40:21

I was super excited to find out that Oberto had Corona Resource Pack codes in their bags of beef jerky, and they reached out to me to sponsor this video! Thanks so much to them for that! #ObertoInfluencer #YouGetWhatYouPutIn #ShadowoftheTombRaider #TombRaider

In this video I show you step by step how I redeemed my code in Shadow of the Tomb Raider for my Corona Resource pack


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  1. For those asking what resource packs do, they give you resources to use in the in-game shops 😀

  2. I have the Croft steelbook edition it is amazing!! I kinda don’t want to open it it looks so perfect…. but I must play this game!!!

  3. Hello Melonie. I just subscribed to your channel and I will try to catch up on your old videos when I get the chance.


    kind regards

  5. Girl, I know you have to go where the money is, but beef jerky? After the vegan experiment? 😂 I'm shocked and disappointed.

  6. This was so cool and the Halloween items awesome I'm really enjoy sottr its so cool just took down the Jaguars so awesome 😇

  7. Your videos are great at making people smile ! Keep up the awesome work Melonie !
    Looking forward to more Tomb Raider content! 🙂

  8. That was nice, I would've figured that out. First time I ever seen a pineapple skull as well 😂…. Enjoy that jerky Melonie 'Yum!😊👍👍👍

  9. Amazing video I receive my collector edition of shadow of tomb raider and it’s fantastic 🙏

  10. You know, since you like League of Legends, they should have a crossover game called League of The Legends of Zelda.

  11. so….what IS the corona resource pack? does lara get a twelve pack of beer to enjoy while dodging bullets and ancient death traps in the jungle?

  12. Not really a fan of the recent TRs but just a few hours ago I was having nice flashbacks of when I played the first game back in the 90s. It was fun to dive head-on from the tallest thing I found in the game, which was some underground temple. Each time I did it it made me feel that thingy in my belly. 😀


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