Best gamer Melonie Mac: When did I move away from my parents? Q and A in ASMR | Melonie Mac

Nice gamer Melonie Mac ever, When did I move away from my parents? Q and A in ASMR | Melonie Mac. 2018-06-30 06:57:01

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My first ASMR video, I figured a Q and A would be easiest 🙂

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  1. hello miss melonie im watching your youtube vlog though i have a crush on you hope to see you im from the phillipines

  2. I've missed your videos here on youtube a lot , could you please do some videos about shadow of the tomb raider and reviews about other games

  3. I love your reviews of tech products and games, and your playthroughs of games like tomb raider / random vlogs about daily life. I remember years ago I subscribed because you were so authentic and had such a passion for similar games to me. Knowing what games you're loving and what you think is what I love to see from your channel! ♡

  4. Hello melolooooooow I missed you so much I haven't seen your videos in a while !! What I suggest since you asked I like videos where you sit down and talk about what you're interested in and stuff like that.. ANY CONTENT WILL DO GOOD just upload whatever and it will be great lol! Pls don't leave youtube

  5. Sounding similar to how you spoke like when you started doing YouTube, much softer. 😀

  6. I thought about watching an ASMR video and this is perfect. Every word you speak is like a beautiful song.

  7. You are one of the most beautiful women in the entire universe for all time, especially without makeup. You look even better without makeup. It's not healthy for your skin and it hides your natural beauty.

  8. Why dont you make alot of edit and jumpcuts on your videos with little background music , litterally it will be more enjoying and fun to watch also make funny gameplay videos (with alot of edits) , it would be great !😉👌

  9. Thank you so much for doing this video! Personally, I don't need ASMR, so normal recordings are fine by me. What I enjoyed was finding out that you have some of the same experiences of being introverted as I do. I'm an older guy and you're a younger woman, yet we look at things in so many similar ways.

    I want to observe and think before I speak, and I would rather be listening or writing than speaking. If I do converse with someone, I would also prefer it to be talking about something of consequence rather than inane chit chat. I am fairly capable at reading before a group, yet I also can stress out about being the center of attention. Social events drain me; alone time recharges me.

    What I am trying to say is that you helped me to feel less alone and less weird. If an attractive, young woman can have some of the same feelings as a bearded, older dude, then maybe I'm not so hopelessly defective as I've sometimes thought I am. You're a special person, Melonie, and sharing yourself is a real gift.

    As for video suggestions, could you maybe make a video showing the latest trick you taught your pets, or something cute that you can catch them in the act of doing? Maybe you could promote your streaming by showing a little clip of something funny that happened during the stream? Maybe you could show off some of your latest artwork? (Trixie Boom is awesome!)

    Maybe you could pick a day during the week that you publish a short video you made sometime the previous week, such as Melomaniac Mondays, and you could just give us one highlight of your prior week. I mean you could tell us one lesson you learned during the week, talk about one new game or movie you heard about and if you are excited for it, or tell us one thing about yourself that you want to share (for example, it could be an answer to a question in the comments or some personal goal you are working on).

    You could share some experience you had during the week that you think was funny or that you want people to offer you suggestions about how to handle it differently the next time you have the same experience, or maybe you could share some meaningful message that you read or heard or watched (could be a deep-thinking quote, a poignant story, a cute video, a movie, a book you are reading and want to suggest to people, or maybe share a charity you are supporting and offer a link to the organization).

    What I enjoy is that getting to know you better helps me get to know myself better, or helps me to gain insights I would not otherwise have thought of. All I know is that you're special, and you could make a video about almost anything and I would watch it and enjoy it. Take care, my fellow introvert, and best wishes for your continued success living the dream! 🙂

  10. I feel like vomiting when I am nervous. Anxiety is odd. I feel awkward when I first go out. Once someone says something about something I like I have a problem not talking about it. I am also very awkward at goodbye.

  11. A pop filter would have helped with this. Not typically an ASMR fan, but this was more of a calm video than what I'd consider ASMR (not saying it's bad.Reminded me of the early Mac days. TL;DR Pop filter would have helped on the plosives and breath sounds.

  12. I love these kind of videos Mel! Love to know you better! I stuill have some remnants of Social Anxiety and i am introvert as well. I am solving this matter by self knowledge, meditation, reprograming my thoughts and emotions. See you later! Peace!

  13. You read my question thank you mel still trying to let go that , thank you really 🙂

  14. I defiantly would love a tutorial on how to stream, or the way you steam and what setting you have. Where the audio comes from, where the gameplay is at, camera recording device etc. I would defiantly like to see how a bigger streamer gets ready to stream. I want to start streaming but have no idea how to set anything up. I watch other videos but I get confused. My audio always end up messy and my PC game end up dropping many frames and lag.

  15. You dont know what to do with your channel? Thats funny.. a while back you were saying youtube is ur dream and youtube is the future of entertainment and now all of sudden u dont know what to do with it? YouTube isnt failing, everyone else’s channel is doing fine.. you shitted on this channel yourself and turned it into a laughing joke.. all the changes didnt work i guess..

  16. I would love to see some opinion based/review videos. Games, games media, geek culture, movies, anime etc.

  17. Ear eating coming soon? XD Would loveee to see some more ASMR content on your channel, whatever it may be. Your voice fits it really well 🙂

  18. Thanks you. This video is realy helpfull. Especialy part about social enxiety. I like your honest.

  19. I love your videos and sorry for saying this but this is totally not you lol. Don't get me wrong I'm not criticizing anything just saying it's a little weird seeing you do this kind of thing lol. Don't get discouraged in doing it again it's still nice!

  20. Am an empath as well Mel. Not fun. I work with the public in a casino and I get bombarded with emotions all day. I literally run home at the end of the day and disappear ever day. Also I do disagree with being friends with exes, it's never a good idea. Getting back together is usually a bad idea too, especially if your an empath… Just my 2 cents

  21. I’m curious what your star sign is Melonie! I connect with you on pretty much all your characteristics, I don’t panic as bad, before social outings but I also don’t do the really important public hosting you do. I consider myself an introvert extrovert. Love being social but can’t really do it on my own. And I also suck at small talk lol plus your love for Lara I get! Lol I’m glad I found your channel it’s so fun and upbeat and just you! Love it! 💖


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