Best gamer Melonie Mac: Where have I been?!

Nice gamer Melonie Mac ever, Where have I been?!. 2017-10-01 18:05:22

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  1. Melonie, I hope everything is better now. I know I'm late, but things like this in life are never easy. Just want to know we all support you. Such a good soul. Keep being awesome.

  2. Look Mel you can come on you tube at any time you want none of us would ever be angry at you no way we understand and also that HAIR WOW U WERE A DREAM GIRL THEN WITH THIS HAIR STYLE YOUR A DAMN GODDES

  3. I'm really glad to know your friend's doing good and so is the kitten Melonie. I cannot imagine losing someone close to one's age. On a side note, kittens are my Kryptonite. They are that adorable.

  4. Upstate NY- land of the TOQUES! 😉 I know what it means to get back home! I am happy where I am but its nice to remember your roots (Ontario for me). Big props to you for getting back for your friend, I had the same happen to a friend of mine and there was no way I could afford to visit at the time and it KILLED me… Your friend will remember you coming for a lonnng time! Also… you looking good girl! #raycharlesicanseeclearlynow

  5. i was waiting for your reaction to the new tomb raider trailer. You hadnt made a review and i was starting to wonder. So sorry you had to experience that. i hope she recovers soon. Sending postive vibes

  6. Holy! Did I hear you right? You said you live in Arizona!? I live there to! lol

  7. It's nice to see you back Mel! You're a real amazing person who always stays positive and trying to help anyone/anything in need! Stay awesome! 🙂

  8. What you did for the cat is amazing, poor little guy would have died without eyesight and you saved him and now he can see again, its so sweet, Big hugs to you and joey and Ray Charles of course

  9. I know how scary it is, I'm glad shes doing better bow. I lost my best friend of 19 years to a car accident, Its been 6 years and still my heart has never been the same.

  10. Sorry for what you been going through! I do follow you on Instagram and Twitter so I have been seeing all the updates. Stay strong, I hope your friend is okay and that your cat recovers!

  11. First I'm actually very happy that your best friend is okay I actually had a love interest one time that was kind of like that but well long story short she's not even in my life anymore but if you want to discuss that with me or any Melomaniacs that is fine it's not easy for me but if it does help me get better then so be it.

    II is please do give us a update semi often about little Ray. I remember when I had a cat that one of my best friends had me take care of her so we can give her a new home and even though I've owned dogs for most of my life it was actually Pleasant to have a little cat that did like me as much as my dogs. For Chihuahuas by the way including a Jack Russell terrier mix on one of them. Sometimes I actually miss rin rin.


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