Best gamer Melonie Mac: Why RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER is going to be awesome!

Nice gamer Melonie Mac ever, Why RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER is going to be awesome!. 2015-06-24 03:37:54

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After seeing Rise of the Tomb Raider at E3, you guys have been asking for my opinions on the game. Here they are! YAS! Lara Croft FTW!

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Comment (32)

  1. How long do you guys think it will stay exclusive? I can't believe it's going to be out in November and I will not be able to play it.

  2. Hi just discover your channel from watch katie wilson chanel. I can not wait for the new tomb raider it is  my second most wanted games of 2015 after assassins creed syndicate i am enjoyed your channel you seem have lot enthusiasm witch make fun to watch keep the good work

  3. yea xbox exclusive is a fail. whatever not like tomb raider matter much anyway, the game is good but not relevant. Uncharted is better

  4. go check PS4'S Uncharted 4:A Thief's End because this is a game that should really blow you away … The Reboot of Tomb Raider Was Really good but then The Rise Of The Tomb Raider has not such a huge difference !! (in my opinion Always i don't want to offend Tomb Raider Fans or XboxOne Fans)

  5. Batman: Arkham Knight is awesome i am geting it on xbox one my bro +ShadowLiuKang26 he is geting it for the ps4 and he see it the gameplay its awesome

  6. Funny Microsoft doing this makes them look like jerks since even CD said that they didn't even need Microsofts money to finish the game it just helps with the development is all.

  7. I've enjoyed the TR reboot and no matter what people says, I will definitely enjoy this.

  8. Saw the E3 live stream & freaking loved it. Looks to be the best graphical presentation, along with far better playing dynamics & choices.

  9. Yeah next year when it comes in good quality to good platforms AND ITS ACTUALY FANBASE and not in 480p on shitbox1 where no one will buy it 😉

  10. Probably getting me an Xbox one for this Christmas! For this game and the Banjo Kazooie successor!

  11. Melonie :3 pls do a video to say what do you think about the new mirrors edge: catalyst :3 its the best game eva ^^ I love it :3 <3

  12. So, I guess Microsoft funded the game, which is why it's an Xbox exclusive. Temporarily, at least. I can understand why it won't go to PlayStation, at launch, being that Sony owns it. Why doesn't it come out for PC's running Windows, though?. Microsoft owns that, too, right?.

    If this whole thing is about Microsoft funding the game, then shouldn't both Xbox, and Windows based systems have it, at launch?

    This whole thing is just a ridiculous way to force people to buy their inferior console. They need to get over their weak sales, compared to PlayStation, and stop trying to force us to do something. If people are buying a system, other than theirs, they need to find out what THEY did wrong, and fix it. Not push their junk on us, and hope for the best.

    This is sad, it really is. I hope it backfires.

  13. I'm definitely gonna get this game. I am glad they added puzzles because I am a legend of zelda fan and I love fun challenges that you make you think.

  14. The new: "Tomb Raider" (Using the name lightly) can be summed up in a mere three words. Generic checklist trash!


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