Best vlogger bethany mota: Cooking my Boyfriend Meals he Hates

Nice vlogger bethany mota ever, Cooking my Boyfriend Meals he Hates. 2019-10-27 21:06:36

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Today I’m cooking for my boyfriend.. using foods he hates!
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Comment (22)

  1. You love those stimulants don't you?? I'm not scared of you Bethany!! Did you enjoy 97 benedryl in only 2 days???!!!! I let you in me for a reason!! You WILL FADE!!

  2. You need a better, more respectful, good manners, not jealous of your success BOYFRIEND!

  3. you know, it's been a while (years) since I've kept up with Beth and D-trix, and I looked for a Beth video to see what she's been up to, and asdfghjkl THEY'RE DATING???

    2009 me is shook

  4. Well you are what you eat and he has a flabby body Ew! The food looks delicious.🐝🐝🐝

  5. So I watched her videos a few years ago and 5min ago I wanted to look her up again …. this Video made me NOT watch any of her videos again 🤢 HOW CAN YOU CHEW LIKE THAT??


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