Best vlogger bethany mota: EXTREME ROOM MAKEOVER (aka me being a lil stressed)

Nice vlogger bethany mota ever, EXTREME ROOM MAKEOVER (aka me being a lil stressed). 2019-09-01 19:19:34

WOOOOOAH HEYYYY it’s been a real hot minute.. like 6 months?
ummm I’ve missed you!!! Today I’m giving my office an extreme room MAKEOVER. I mean.. not super extreme but definitely more than I’ve ever done to a room before in my life. Enjoy watching me wing it the whole way through. love youuuuuu

– Beth





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  1. Been here since 2010 but tbh after DWTS and her long breaks I stopped watching. But I miss her and it makes me feel safe, happy and nostalgic watching her videos! <3

  2. despite beth posting so little videos nowadays, her personality and creativity really still shines through videos like this! even if she's winging it, the end product still looks put together. i can never do that LOL.

  3. 18 year old me is SHAKING.. 12 year old me would’ve never thought I’d hear her cuss 🤧

  4. It's crazy I starting watching her videos when I was in 6th grade, now I'm graduated from high school

  5. why do i feel like she talks just like lili from riverdale ? she looks so much like her

  6. So like..we all grown up. I started watching her when I was 11 an like now I’m 17.😂

  7. I like that you don't put a lot of makeup and be so quirky and real! own yourself and do whatever. Nice room!

  8. Started watching you when I was in the 7th grade, I am now a sophomore in college. Wow I love you Beth ♥️

  9. she finally said “shit!!!!” my entire life i BELIEVED she didn’t cuss i was gonna DIE on that hill but now look

  10. People are making a deal about her saying “shit” but she also said “ass” LOL ❤️❤️ you Beth

  11. Honestly i know its been forever till my inner child gets shocked of hear bethany say shit 😂 wow we’ve grown up so much crazy to even say that it feel like yesterday when i was in elementary watching her videos now being a senior in highschool about to graduate 🎓 and just seeing her wow im amazed i still and forever will stan 🙌❤️

  12. 12 year old me is SHAKING. Bethany mota said shit. I am officially grown up… wow we really grew up yall wtf


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