Best vlogger bethany mota: HUGE FALL THRIFT HAUL + Try on

Nice vlogger bethany mota ever, HUGE FALL THRIFT HAUL + Try on. 2019-10-13 18:28:23

Here’s my FALL THRIFT HAUL! Hope you enjoy this
try on haul, which piece is your fave?






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  1. when she says she doesn’t know fashion but i was wearing that grey fuzzy sweater with the white heart all of 8th grade😔

  2. wow my 2015 heart was crushed when she said she didn’t know fashion…. u taught 11 year old me all i know about fashion!

  3. I dress much more modestly now, but I would have been ALL OVER that orange top a few years ago!! It's gorgeous! Looks great on you 🙂

  4. I am really surprised at how Beth evolved from a crafty innovator to someone who puts down her abilities. Hearing her question her sewing skills and painting skills (at another video) made me think of her old Halloween costumes and DIYs and it’s almost like two different people.

  5. Bethany, I have been in full support of your channel since forever. I see you as a role model and great mentor for young girls out there. But who mentors the Mentor? Well, tbh I hate your boyfriend. In your videos I gues maybe I I don’t know him like you do but form what we (viewers) know is that he doesn’t value you and is unappreciative of you. I broke up with my boyfriend recently and he was the same way. And thinking that I needed him or was missing something I got back together with him and that was a great mistake. It didn’t end well. And I wouldn’t want that for the both of you… but I also want you to know that you are worth so much more than you can possibly imagine. Jesus Paid much too high a price for a guy to put a label on you or for you to put one on yourself.


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