Best vlogger bethany mota: Trying on $30 Prom Dresses from Amazon! | Bethany Mota

Nice vlogger bethany mota ever, Trying on $30 Prom Dresses from Amazon! | Bethany Mota. 2018-04-08 20:40:19

Which dress was your favorite?!
Also, I’ve missed you guys so much!
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If you’re new here….
Haiiiiii, I’m Bethany Mota!
In todays video, I try on Prom Dresses from Amazon for $30 and under!
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Comment (25)

  1. Where did you get the red and white shirt you are wearing Beth? It’s so cute!!

  2. Does anyone remember Bethany's TMI tag where she said "I have a nose, you have a nose, so you nose what that means" omg i die of laughter whenever watch old videos.

  3. can you make the transition music a little more quiet… beautiful dresses thank you!

  4. I LOOOOVVEEE the first red dress you tried on Bethany!! 🙂 It looks super good on you!!!! xo

  5. I'm am now gonna track when ur gonna upload and the next time u upload imma say "Beth took __ months to get another video done…..AND THATS HOW LONG I HAD TO WAIT I WANT THE OLD BETH BACK" D;
    Like for real I've been watching her old videos liking them! Then a new videos pops up and for me it's like "eh?" And this is just my opinion but I like the old Bethany 🙁

  6. Wow those dresses actually look really nice! I spent $150 on mine b/c I wasn’t about to risk it😂

  7. Wow, i’d never thought they had dresses in Amazon, anyways my fave is totally the Red! Really beautiful!❤️✨

  8. omg bethany!!!! where did you get that cute red top in your intro?! its so cute! <3 my fave was the red dress


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