Best vlogger Zoella: Huge ASOS & Zara Haul (With Some Major Fails) | Zoella

Nice vlogger Zoella ever, Huge ASOS & Zara Haul (With Some Major Fails) | Zoella. 2018-02-19 18:50:23

Huge ASOS & Zara Haul (With Some Major Fails)
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⇢ *Broderie Tea Dress –
⇢ *Missguided Peplum Blouse –
⇢ *Spot Print Jumpsuit –
⇢ *French Connection Floral Jumpsuit –
⇢ *White Jumper –
⇢ *Motel Constellation Unitard –
⇢ *Hi Animal Print T Shirt –
⇢ *Gold Hoop Bead Earrings –
⇢ *New Look 2 Pack Belts –
⇢ *Straw Boater with Go Away Slogan –
⇢ *Felt Panama Hat in Black –
⇢ *Felt Boater Hat in Camel –
⇢ *Straw Boater Hat –
⇢ *Cat Eye Sunglasses –
⇢ *Velvet Bandeau Swimsuit –
⇢ *Highwaist Yellow Trousers –
⇢ *Pull & Bear Yellow Coat –
⇢ *Cheap Monday Black Dungarees –
⇢ *Cheap Monday 90s Style Dungaree –
⇢ *Girl Power Book –

⇢ Short Sleeve Jumpsuit with Pockets –
⇢ Platform Derby Shoes with Polka Dots –
⇢ Pleated Scarf with Black Polka Dots –
⇢ Pleated Leopard Print Scarf –
⇢ Leather Loafers with Chain Detail –
⇢ Round Raffia Basket Bag –

I’m Wearing & In The Background:
⇢ Top – H&M –
⇢ *Earrings.- ASOS –
⇢ Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer –
⇢ Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer –
⇢ *Becca Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder –
⇢ *Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer –
⇢ *Charlotte Tilbury Shape & Sculpt Bronzer –
⇢ *Tanya Burr Cosmetics Peonies Please illuminating Powder –
⇢ Makeup Forever Brow Gel –
⇢ *Mac Cosmetics 206 Angled Brush –
⇢ Colourpop “Give It To Me Straight” Palette –
⇢ *Smith & Cult Lash Dance Mascara:
⇢ Buxom Plumpline Lip Liner – Stealth –
⇢ *Barry M Matte Me Up Liquid Lipstick – Hun –

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Comment (36)

  1. what shops would you recommend for people trying to re-vamp their wardrobe on a budget ?? love you xx

  2. I'm curious how you plan your goals for each year, and perhaps future years? Also, how do you stay so focused and motivated to bring your ideas to life? I'm trying to work on a side project right now, and I'm finding it really hard to put so much time and energy into something without knowing if it will work out in the end.

  3. A question for your next Q&A: What is your favorite feature of your home? And if you could go back, what would you have added/changed/done differently with your home?

    *Im sort of obsessed with your house😁

  4. Zoe, we love your videos! Our question is, what advice do you have for discovering your personal voice and style to share on YouTube? We recently started our own channel and would really appreciate any advice you can give us <3

  5. Try the desi Perkins x quay Australia line they made some smaller sunglasses a while back

  6. Love your style Zoe!💖 And don’t feel bad I’m a pea head too!🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Question: Why do you not mind missing out on going to uni? (coming from a person that loves the atmosphere/learning at uni lol)

  8. What piece of advice would you give yourself if you could talk to your teenage self?
    Love your style. 😍

  9. I'm soooo late on the basket bags too or those type of bags i still don't own one but i haven't found one w/ a zipper that i like.

  10. Q&A: Hi Zoe! If you and Alfie had kids, who would be the strict one and who would be the fun and easygoing parent? Love you! 🙂

  11. Could you please do a “series” about how you decorated and chose different aspects of your house?? ie layout, design, colors, prints, etc? As an older viewer (ahem 39) would love to see it.

  12. my question: Lately I've noticed that my anxiety has flared up a lot and it causes me to constantly worry and fear things that really aren't a big deal. I'm really struggling with it and I'm trying to cope but it seems as though nothing will work to relieve my stress and anxious thoughts. I know you've talked about your own anxiety a lot in videos, but if you could give one piece of advice, almost like a starting point for dealing with it, what would it be? Thank you! Love your videos 🙂

  13. hey zoe do you think you and alfie would ever come to canada for a meet up?? Love you lots!

  14. I'm such a big fan of your clothing omg !! QUESTION: what are you and alfies plans for the future? both you both !! <3

  15. @zoella my question: your skin is looking amazing at the moment (so am a tad jealous) what have you been doing/
    Products have you been using to help your skin? X

  16. How did you get such a love for interior design and stuff? What are your interior tips? Xx

  17. This is so random as a question but I always thought If I saw you in the street I would ask 😂😂😂 but where is your bedding from! You said how amazing / cosy and cloud like it was and I NEED THIS in my life !!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😴😴😴☁️☁️☁️☁️ (p.s I would actually die if you answered this 😂)

  18. Hey i have a question for ur q and a: i have really bad anxiety and panic attacks and i was wondering on days where you feel anxious what do you do to help yourself relax ly❤️💕


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